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The Plugin Types tab sheet displays all available plugin and file types with the exception of Photoshop filter plugins, Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugins which are built tightly into Plugin Commander. The check box for each plugin or file type determines if this type is used or ignored by Plugin Commander.

The Add button lets you add a new plugin or file type, the Remove button removes the currently selected plugin or file type from the list, the Edit button lets you edit the currently selected type and the Toggle button activates or deactivates all of them.

If you press the Reset button, the missing default plugin or file types will be added to the list again. The default types are the ones that are delivered with Plugin Commander and not added by the user. This button is useful, if you have removed one or more default types from the list and would like to have them added again. Self defined types won't be erased when pressing the Reset button.

After pressing the Add or Edit button the 'Add/Edit Plugin Type' dialog will appear. The Plugin Type field should contain the name of the plugin type e.g. "Illustrator plugin" and the File Extension field may be used for entering the file extension of this plugin type e.g. "aip". Remember to enter just the plain file extension (e.g. "aip" rather than ".aip" or "*.aip").

The 'Get Plugin Name from' frame lets you choose one of four methods for extracting the plugin name from the plugin file. If you choose Description, Product Name or Internal Name, Plugin Commander will try to fetch the plugin name from the Version resource of the file. With File Name selected the file name will be used as the plugin name. File Name is the fastest method for grabbing a plugin name and will be used by Plugin Commander in case a plugin doesn't contain a Version resource.

For more details on defining your own plugin type, please read the appropriate tutorial.


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