The Select Folder Dialog


If you do not activate the Suppress Select Folder dialog check box in Preferences, the Select Folder dialog will appear after you select a command that needs a destination folder. Examples of such commands are Copy, Move, Convert and Batch.

The folder of the opposite pane is automatically displayed as the default choice. The second item of the drop down menu is the folder of the active pane. You can also choose another folder from the drop down menu (which are added from the Folder menu), press the Select Folder button or manually enter a new folder. If the entered folder doesn't exist, you will be prompted to created it.

If you convert a FFL file or unzip a zip file, there will also be an Automatically create sub folder(s) check box. Activating this check box, will automatically create a sub folder with the name of the FFL or zip file. This option helps to avoid some file chaos.

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