Keyboard Shortcuts


A - Z
In a list boxes and menus: Jump to the first entry beginning with this letter
Interrupt a command or process
Return / Enter
In a file list: Execute Photoshop Plugin, look at FFL file or launch associated program

F 1
Launch Help file
F 2
Rename a file
F 3
Unzip the selected files (Pro Edition only)
F 4
Zip the selected files (Pro Edition only)
F 5 
Copy a file
F 6
Move a file
F 7 
Displays the Browser (Pro Edition only)
Shift + F 7 
Create a new folder
F 8
Displays the Picture View window
F 9
Display the FF Editor window
F 11
Display the FX Download window
F 12
Displays the Preferences dialog

Ctl + F 1
Switch to File View
Ctl + F 2
Switch to Plugin View
Ctl + F 3
Switch to FFL View (Pro Edition only)


Delete a file by putting it into the trash can

Shift + Del

Delete a file without putting it into the trash can (Kill)

Ctl + A

Select all items in a list or text box

Ctl + B
Thumbnail command (Pro Edition only)
Ctl + D
Add a file/filter to a Filter Factory Library (FFL) file (Pro Edition only)
Ctl + E
Enable or Disable a Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects or Mediastudio PlugIn
Ctl + F
Displays the Find dialog (Pro Edition only)
Ctl + H
Change the category of Photoshop PlugIn in the Plugin View
Ctl + I
Show informations on a selected plugin
Ctl + L
Create a FFL file (Pro Edition only)
Ctl + O
Open an image file
Ctl + R
Refresh File, Plugin or FFL View
Ctl + T
Toggle Select

Ctl + C
In text boxes: Copy to clipboard
Ctl + X
In text boxes: Cut to clipboard
Ctl + V
In text boxes: Paste from clipboard
Ctl + Z
In text boxes: Undo last change


Alt + B
Browse plugins and images (Pro Edition only)
Alt + C
Convert plugins
Alt + D
Enable/Disable plugins
Alt + H
Change the category of plugins
Alt+ L
Create a FFL (Pro Edition only)
Batch process images and plugins (Pro Edition only)

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