FFL View (Pro Edition only)


The FFL View displays the contents of a FFL file. FFL files contain Filter Factory source code and other information for recompiling plugins.

The FFL View will be displayed if you double click a FFL file. If you press the FFL View tab, Plugin Commander will grab the first FFL file in the file list or display a previously opened FFL file. If there's no FFL file available, PiCo will automatically switch back to the File View tab.

Double clicking a FFL entry will load it into the FF Editor or in case the Preview icon is activate, clicking on a FFL entry will display its effect in the Preview window.

Dragging and dropping files/plugins from the File or Plugin View to the FFL View triggers the Add to FFL command and adds the selected Filter Factory plugins to the FFL file. Dragging and dropping FFL entries from the FFL View to the File or Plugin View triggers the Convert command.


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