The Batch Dialog (Pro Edition only)


Before pressing the Batch button, select one or more images or Filter Factory plugins. After pressing Batch button the Batch Processing dialog will display.

This dialog enables you to change the format, size or color depth and apply filters to a large number of images with one click. You can use it to automatically apply selected Filter Factory plugins to the default preview image. You can also create thumbnails of Filter Factory plugins by using the Resize option. Finally you can also create random textures.


If you select the Ignore selected Files and create check box, all files that have been selected in the main window will be ignored. Instead you can specify the number and default names of empty images that will be created. This feature only makes sense if you use it in connection with the Filters tab sheet and the * button (see below!) to create random textures.

The Add ... to filename feature lets you append some text to the names of the processed files. For example, if you want to create thumbnails of some files and place them in the same folder as the originals, you could add e.g. "_small" to the file name to avoid overwriting the original files.

An active Overwrite Files Automatically check box will suppress the Overwrite prompt. Display Save Dialog for each file will let you choose a new folder and enter a new file name for each processed file.

Output Format

The Output Format drop down menu in the Output tab contains different image formats to choose from: JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIF and EPS. If you select JPG, the Compression scroll bar will let you select the JPG compression ratio. Moving this bar will be reflected in the Test Preview, so you immediately get an impression of the JPG output quality.


The Resize frame contains three options to change the size of the images. Keep Original Size won't do any changes to the images. The second option button lets you specify a certain image size in pixels. Activating the Ignore Proportions check box will resize the images to the exactly specified pixel size, otherwise the aspect ratio of the images will be retained. The third option will resize the images by the specified percent value.


The Preview frame contains a image preview. At first the default preview image is displayed, but you can switch through all selected files by pressing the < and > buttons. The Apply Filters button will apply the selected filters from the Filters tab (see below!) to the Test Preview.

The Filters tab lets you select different filters that will be applied during the batch process. The Available Filters frame contains a list of basic filters. This list of available effects can be extended by adding Filter Factory plugins. The available effects can be added to Applied Filters list. So only the filters listed in the Applied Filters list will actually be applied during the batch process.

Available Filters

This frame contains some built-in filter which start with "Basic:" and lets you add Filter Factory plugins to the list. To add them press the New Filters button and select a folder with Filter Factory plugins. To remove all added Filter Factor filters simply click the Clear button. To add a filter to the Applied Filters list select one from the Available Filters list box and press the Add >> button or simply double click the filter. It will then be displayed in the Applied Filters list box to the right.

Applied Filters

To remove a filter from this list again, press the << Remove button. Use the Arrow buttons to change the order in which the filters are applied. The * button can be used to make the applied Filter Factory plugins generate random slider values. If you press this button a * will be placed in front of the filter name to indicate that this filter will be applied with random slider values. Pressing the button again will remove the *. However this button doesn't work with the basic filters. This feature can for example be used to create random textures with Filter Factory plugins in conjunction with the Ignore selected Files and create check box (see above!).

To edit one of the filters in the Filter Factory Editor simply double click it. The FF Editor with the double clicked filter will appear. Clicking the Save As button will save the changes, close the FF Editor and return to the Batch dialog. To return to the Batch dialog without saving the settings, click on the x icon at the top of the dialog. The 'Basic' filters aren't editable, because they aren't Filter Factory plugins.

The order of the filters in the Applied Filter frame is crucial, especially if you use one of the Color Depth filters. Most filters will only work, if the image has 16 million colors (24 bit). So if you should use one of the Color Depth filters (e.g. the 256 Colors filter) please make sure that is the last one in the row.

As mentioned above, you can switch back to the Output tab and preview the effect of the filters by pressing the Apply Filters button. You can even preview the effect on every selected file by additionally using the < and > buttons.

After selecting all your preferred settings, press the Start button. To stop the batch processing simply press and hold the ESC key.



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