5. The En/Disable Command


By pressing the En/Disable button the state of the selected files will be inverted: all selected files which are currently enabled will be disabled and all disabled files will be enabled.

For example the .8bf file extension will be renamed to ._bf, .prm to _prm, .aex to _aex or vise versa. All files will be disabled by replacing the . point with an _ underscore. The only exceptions are Photoshop-compatible plugins because some plugins misbehave if you try to use them without a file extension. Enabled plugins are marked with a + and disabled ones with a - in Plugin View.

Disabled plugins won't show up in the appropriate host application anymore. This is an useful feature to prevent your image or video application from getting cluttered up with plugins and other add-ons. Without this feature you would have to manually rename them or deinstall/reinstall your effects.



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