Making FF Plugins Work in PSP, PhotoImpact and other applications

This tutorial concentrates on tips to make plugins created with Filter Factory work correctly with your graphic application. You can recognize FF plugin on their file size: they are 56.344 bytes (55 K) or 49.152 bytes (48 K) large.

You certainly know one of the following error messages or the situation that you put new plugins into your plugin folder and they don't show up in the menu.


There are two things that can be done to overcome such problems:

Step 1:

Check whether you have Msvcrt10.dll in your Windows System folder by clicking on one of the following links (depending on where your Window System folder is located on your system). Then press <Ctl + F> and enter msvcrt10.dll in the Find dialog.

c:\windows\system\    c:\win95\system\    c:\win98\system\    c:\winnt\system32\

If you don't fiund the file, please click here to download it while choosing your Windows System folder as the destination.

Step 2:

If  Step 1 doesn't make your plugins work, you will have to continue with Step 2.

If you have plugin.dll (which is distributed with Adobe products like Photoshop, PhotoDeluxe, Premiere, After Effects etc. and is located in the appropriate folder), please copy it into your Windows System folder. This should make every Filter Factory plugin work.

If you don't have this file and your plugins are 49.152 bytes / 48 K large, you will have to convert them with PiCo to the 56.344 byte / 55 K large format. To do it just follow the steps below:

1. Choose the plugins that didn't work or are 56 K large and press the -> button to have the same folder in the opposite pane.

2. Press the Convert button.

3. In the Convert dialog make sure that Photoshop FF Plugin is selected as Output Format.

4. Press the Output Settings button and make sure that Photoshop FF Compilation is set to Filter Factory 3.0 in the appearing Preferences dialog. Then press the OK button to return to the Convert dialog.

5. Finally press the Convert button in the Convert dialog.

6. Now the selected plugins will be in the 56 K format and should work in your graphic application.