Plugin Commander Tutorials

Text Tutorials

Organizing your Plugins with Plugin Commander

Defining your own Plugin Types in Plugin Commander

Making FF plugins work in Photoshop, PSP,
PhotoImpact and other Applications

Creating your own interface for Plugin Commander's FF Editor


To see the following tutorials, you need to connect to the internet.

Animated GIF Tutorials
by Harald Heim

Converting FFL files to Plugins

220K gif file
(Plugin Commander Light + Pro)

Change Category Tutorial
120K gif file
(Plugin Commander Light + Pro)

Previewing Plugins Tutorial
214K gif file
(Plugin Commander Pro)

Browse Plugins
97K gif file
(Plugin Commander Pro)

Browse Images
53K gif file
(Plugin Commander Pro)

Batch Conversion Tutorial
345K gif file
(Plugin Commander Pro)

FF Editor Demonstration
600K gif file
(Plugin Commander Pro)


Most of the following tutorials refer to old beta versions of Plugin Commander, but should nevertheless be helpful.

Other Text Tutorials

Lou's PlugIn Commander Tutorial
tutorial on working with FFL files and PiCo's FF Editor
by Lou Hevly <>

  Decoding FFL files into plugins
by Stephanie <>
Saving your Own Filter Defaults with PiCo
by John Bridges <>
PlugIn Commander Overview and Tutorial
in Japanese Language
by satou kazuhiko <>



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