Edge Tool
Creates many edge variations.

Wave Edge

Cutline Edge

Wonder Edge


Chopper Edge

Wobble Edge

Wildside Edge

Tooth Edge

Bubble Edge

Ripped Edge

Grainy Edge Woodcut Edge Cave Edge

Jungle Edge Curved Edge Splash Edge

X / Y Factor Sliders Defines the horizontal and vertical amplitude of the waves that the edge effect consists of.
Intensity Slider A higher value produces a more intense edge effect.
3. / 4. Factor Sliders Let you create even more edge variations.
Width / Height Sliders Control the width and height of the edge effect. The higher their value, the larger will be the edge.
Smooth Slider Smoothes the edge shape.
First Color Box Lets you select the color of the area outside the edge.
Second Color Box If it has the same color as the first color box, there is no effect. If you use a different color and a Smooth slider value above zero, than the inner areas of the edge shape will be colorized.
Circular Check Box Will turn the rectangular shape into a circular one.
Invert Check Box If activated, the edge effect will be reverted.
Zoom Check Box If the zoom check box is deactivated, the edge effect will depend on the image size. If you activate it, the effect will look the same regardless of the image size.
Preview Coordinate

Lets you place the edge everywhere on the image. Right click (Windows) or hold the Ctrl key and click (Mac) on the preview to set a coordinate.