Creates metal, chrome, neon and popart effects.





Diffuse check box


Intensity / Fine Tuning Sliders The higher the value, the more intense the effect.
Diffuse Slider Lets you shift the colors of the effect or intensify the diffuse effect if the Diffuse check box is activated.
Softness Slider Is for adjusting the softness of the effect.
Red / Green / Blue Sliders Defines the color of the effect. E.g. select Red = 226, Green = 199 and Blue = 0 for GOLD or Red = Green = Blue = 221 for SILVER.
Frequency Slider Values below zero create more ripples, but increase the rendering time. Values above zero will even the surface.
Diffuse Check Box Creates a diffuse effect. To blend with the regular Fusion effect, please additionally activate the Overlay or Expose check boxes. To adjust the intensity of the diffuse effect, please use the Diffuse slider.