creates star, star field, sunshine and sunset effects


Nova check box

simulating the sun

Star Field
Star Field
Mutate, Nova and Alpha check box
Star Field
simulating snow






Preview Cross

Star: Right click (Windows) or hold the Ctrl key and click (Mac) on the preview to set the position of the star.

Star Field
: Right click (Windows) or hold the Ctrl key and click (Mac) to randomize the position and size of the stars.

Sunshine & Sunset:
Right click (Windows) or hold the Ctrl key and click (Mac) on the preview box to set the coordinates for the shine effect.

x / + / o Sliders Control the size of the three elements the star(s) is/are built of.
Overall Size Slider

Star: Defines the overall size of the star.

Star Field: Defines the sizes and number of stars.

Intensity Slider Sunshine & Sunset: Intensify the effect with it.
Size Slider Sunshine: Adjusts the size of the SunShine effect or the red channel of the SunSet effect.
Red / Green / Blue Sliders

Star & Star Field: Adjust the color of the star(s).
Sunset: Adjusts the channels of the Sunset effect.

Mutate Check Box

Star: Deactivates the glow effect of the star
Star Field: Randomizes the look of the stars.

Nova Check Box

Star: Produces a wide range halo.
Star Field: Randomizes the colors of the stars.

Alpha Check Box Star & Star Field: If the plugin is applied to a layer or object and this check box is activated, all other image data will be erased and the background of the star(s) will be transparent. If the plugin is applied to the background image, the stars will be placed on a black background.
Invert Check Box Sunshine & Sunset: Inverts the effect.