Page Curl
Creates page curls and page rolls

Bottom Right

Right Top



Bottom Left

Top Left

Right Bottom


Effects Combo Box Lets you choose between 12 positions of the page curl effect and 4 positions of the page roll effect.
Progress Slider Moves the curl progressively over the image.
Height / Width Sliders Adjusts the Height and Width of the page curl. Using both sliders simultaneously also lets you change the inclination of the curl. If both sliders have the same value the inclination will be around 45 degree.
Horiz. / Vert. Shift Sliders Lets you move the curl horizontally or vertically over the image.
Opacity Slider The lower the value, the more transparent will the curl become.
Surface Slider A low value produces a uniform curl surface while a high value creates a more 3D-like look.
Shadow Slider Determines the size of the shadow that will be displayed behind the curl.
Color Box

Clicking on the color box lets you choose a color for the curl. Please use bright colors, because dark colors won't a very good contrast.

Col. Shad. Check Box If this check box is activated, the shadow will have the same color as the curl. Otherwise the shadow will remain gray.
Alpha Check Box If this check box is activated and the image is placed on a layer, then the area behind the curl will get transparent.