lets you create zoom areas.




Preview Cross Right click (Windows) or hold the Ctrl key and click (Mac) on the preview to set the position of the zoom area.
Zoom Factor Slider A value of 2 means that the zoom area displays the image part beneath it at double size, a value of 3 at triple size etc. At a value of 1, there will be no zoom effect, only the zoom edge will appear.
Circle Size Slider Defines the size of the zoom area.
Circle Edge Slider Let's you set the size of the zoom edge. A value of zero means that there will be no edge visible.
Color Box Use it for selecting the color of the zoom edge.
Interpolate Check Box If this check box is deactivated, the zoom area will have a mosaic effect. If it is activated, the zoom area will look more even.
Alpha Check Box If this check box is activated and the image is placed on a layer, then the area outside the zoom shape will get transparent.