Both these examples were created on a (default) 800 x 800 image on a new layer.
Where any extra work has been done outside Plugin Galaxy this has been noted.

#Hoods - Satin Ruffle

Note: the Fusion>Pop Art calculations can be very slow, so adjusting the colors for this preset can be quite time-consuming and frustrating. I find it a lot easier to go back into my application and use Colorize or another color changing filter to produce a different color ruffle.

# Hoods - Timber Frame
Nothing but some depth shading was added to this frame after application.


Multiple Edges on a Single Photo

The original photo was replicated into three layers, then the same Edge>Wave filter (with Alpha and Circle checked) was successively applied to each child by moving the crosshairs over each face. After merging the filtered layers it was necessary to paste a selection from the original photo onto another (top) layer to hide some unwanted intersecting edge lines left by the filter. A text selection was copied from a colorful part of the photo and brightened slightly with Coolorize>RGB Intensify. Time to complete - about 5 minutes.

More Use of Flowers

This example shows how you can use an isolated flower copied, pasted and scaled to various sizes for an effective border or anything else.

An Attractive "Daisy Chain" Frame

This frame was created using a single daisy copied then pasted and joined to the first daisy. Once you've joined two daisies, you can copy and paste those two, then four and so on to save time. Copy, paste and rotate a completed row by 90 degrees for the left side, then copy, paste and flip the joined top and left sides. Very simple!


These simple Christmas baubles are a lot of fun to make as you don't really know where you're going to end up when you start playing - it's strangely addictive!! Many were created using the Basic Sphere preset as a starting point, others didn't need it. Photoshop's Spherize has been used for some perspective on some balls, as have various Plugin Galaxy color filters and blend modes too numerous to mention. The ring and fitting were done by using a gold preset on a bevelled freehand selection and circle. I used Paintshop Pro and tubes to do the top image.

Noise Creator
Sunset Twilight

Noise Creator

Triple Star Band

Linear Rainbow Warp Fusion Starfield

Triple Star Band

Absolutely no idea!

Triple Star Band

Same bauble plus
Fusion Sunshine

Star Fusion

Warp Glass


Magnolia Fusion

Tip: If you want simple contrasting white and black shading, you can use Nature>Sunshine to good effect on certain spheres rather than Twilight or Layer Styles. Use two layers for extra effect: set the first to Invert, the upper to Invert unchecked. The shiny look of the magnolia, rotated star and blue star fusion baubles was produced with this neat technique.