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Focal Blade Upgrade

Postby HowardG » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:58 am

I just upgraded to the most recent version of FocalBlade. When I did so it did not give me the option of overwriting old files and I now have in the Filter menu of PS CS under PhotoWiz both the old and new versions choosable. Should I leave it like this or can I uninstall Focal Blade and then reinstall it using the installer from the new version download??

Under the Start menu folder for Focal Blade there is an uninstall option but there is no version number and these choices in the menu were not duplicated. If it means anything, the Photoshop program where FocalBlade is installed is on a separate partition from the OS

My apologies if this has been discussed before and if this comes through twice as I seem to be having some problem getting the post in.


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Postby HaraldHeim » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:41 pm

The most recent FocalBlade version has the file name FocalBlade102b.8bf. All older verisons have the file name FocalBlade10.8bf. So please just delete the file FocalBlade10.8bf from your plugins folder to remove the old version.

A lot of people - who didn't uninstall a previous FocalBlade version or the FocalBlade demo version or didn't overwrite it - had problems finding the newest version in the Filter menu, because Photoshop (and also PSP) omits plugins with the same file name and doesn't display them.

So we decided to go with individual file names for each version. That way the old version or demo version will still appear on the menu along with the latest version. That's better than to only have the demo version or an old version appears on the menu. But to avoid keeping the demo or old versions you have to uninstall them before installing the new version or manually remove the appropriate .8bf file afterwards.

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