Can someone tell me how to get this effect

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Can someone tell me how to get this effect

Postby WallyWorld637 » Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:42 am

I'm a sports photographer and I'm looking for an effect to make a go kart or motorcycle look like its bust through my pictures. LIke busting through coming at you ripping the page back. Can this be done? And if so how or what do I use? Thanks so much.

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Try the Rip Open Plugin

Postby shedrivesz » Sun May 01, 2005 12:46 am

Try Alien Skin Xenofex 2. This package comes witha series of awesome plugins, one of which is called " Rip Open". It does exactly as you decribed, tears or rips open the page or the subject. Some of the other plugins in the series are, Burnt Edges, Crack, Shatter, Crumple, Electrify, Classic Mosiac, Televsion, Stain, Puzzle, Little Fluffy Clouds, Lightning and Flag. Here is the link to the site:
Good Luck:)

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Using Photoshop To Make an Image Jump Out of Frame

Postby PaulJsvBFCM » Mon May 02, 2005 6:05 pm

For an excellent tutorial on "Using Photoshop To Make an Image Jump Out of Frame", see this article:

Photoshop Tips

Using Photoshop To Make an Image Jump Out of Frame
By Daryl Moistner
Dateline: February 15, 2005 ... &artid=188

I used this technique to create the winning graphic for the Adobephotoshop group's March contest at Yahoo. See here, ... =109545591

or here, after the April winner goes up, ... =109545591

Here is how "Beach head" was made:
1- I created a new file with the overall dimensions I wanted and the resolution to match the pictures I intended to 'weave' into it and filled it with a R70G70B70 gray.
2- Pasted the background picture of the stairs into this, then
2a- used Edit>Free Transform and Scale to adjust the size, then
2b- the Move tool to line it up with the upper right corner.
3- Added a new layer above that and
3a- filled it with black, then
3b- applied a layer mask, fading from opaque to transparent, left to right, to gradually reveal the bg, so that it looked like the stairwell faded into the distance.
4- Added a text layer above the black layer,
4a- modified the text with embossing and inner glow and
4b- transformed the selected text with perspective and distort to mimic the line of the opening above the stairs, then
4c- rasterized the layer and used the Move tool and arrow keys to nudge the text into alignment with the opening.
5- Pasted in the picture with the boat, and moved it down to the lower left corner, allowing space for the width of the framing, since the illusion is enhanced by a frame.
6- Opened a picture of a wood panel and resized it to the overall dimensions of the frame I wanted, then
6a- copied and pasted that into the comp file and
6b- moved it into the lower left corner over the boat picture, then
6c- clicked on the boat picture layer and used the Magic Wand to select the transparent pixels, then Inverse to get the outline of the boat picture, then
6d- moved back to the wood panel layer and cleared the selection to reveal the boat picture, in the frame.
7- Still on the panel layer, applied Layer.Blending Style and embossing and drop shadow to turn it into a picture frame.
8- Moved back to the boat picture layer and
8a- used the Magnetic Lasso and QuickMask to select the boat, the man on the beach, and a portion of the beach on which he stands, then
8b- Layer>New>Layer via Cut to lift the selection out of the boat picture,
8c- Moved this new layer above the frame layer.
9- Turned of all layers except the original boat picture layer and the frame layer,
9a- Layer>Merge Visible to combine them, then
9b- turned on the boat and figure layer and
9c- with the framed layer active, Edit>Free Transform and perspective and distort to move the framed section back and away from the boat and figure and to line up the edge of the frame with the plane of the beach on which the figure stands.
10- Used the Clone Stamp on the framed section to repair the areas showing where the boat and figure had been cut out.
11- Used the Eraser tool at 50% with a large, bristle brush on the boat and figure layer,to modify the edge of the beach where it crosses the frame, to promote the illusion the the lower edge of the frame turns from vertical plane at the corner to horizontal under the beach.
12- Saved the file as PSD.
13- Layer>Merge Visible and then Flatten. (Sometimes, just flattening loses some layer effects in the verson of PS I have. So I do this instead.)
14- Saved the file as PNG.
15- Opened the PNG file in Irfanview, then
15a- resized to the dimensions required for submission to the contest and
15b- resaved as JPEG in the KB size required. (I use Irfanview for this because it gives me finer control of the quality of the JPEG than my version of Photoshop (PS6.01) does.

The most time was consumed with steps 8a and 10.

Try this with some pics of your own. The part you want to pop from the frame needs to be at an angle to the picture plane, but that angle could be in relation to the vertical as well as horizontal. Make something coming up out of the floor or down from the ceiling. The part that pops out need not be from the picture it is popping from either.

God bless you all always, all ways,

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