FlamingPear at it Again!

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FlamingPear at it Again!

Postby Cam2 » Sun Oct 12, 2003 8:11 pm

What can i say?, the moment registered users of FlamingPear plugins feel safe to rely upon these class products after the previous events, they go and do it yet again!. flexify-190.zip then locked by HueandCry-106.zip, it
is the only logical culprit because all new updates (legally registered) work fine together. When will this company learn that if they are so paranoid of their products being pirated, do what companies like AutoFX do and just offer demos on the site and then they wouldn`t have to keep playing this stupid game with registered users serials. It`s early days again but this is already starting to feel like a sequel. :roll: Cam2.

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