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Color Washer -Version 2.01

Post by violin04 »

I'd like to purchase Color Washer 2.01
I've gotten no response to my e-mailed questions about the download size of this great sounding plugin . . nor have I recieved the URL via e-mail for a "free" plug in I'd like to download
Is anyone home at the Plugin Site?
I'm unfortunately connecting to the Internet via a 56 K modem therefore the download size is a big concern.
I hate to spend the extra $10 for the CD if I don't need too . .
Can anyone answer some of my questions?

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Sorry for the delayed response. We are currently on holiday and can not reply that quickly. We just sent you an email about this problem. Downloading ColorWasher via modem is no problem as ColorWasher is only 3 MB large.

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