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From the ContrastMaster FAQ:

"By default ContrastMaster tries to improve contrast even in areas that have no texture and very little contrast. As a result these areas may look unnatural afterwards. You could apply a weaker effect or use very high Radius or very small Detail slider values, but usually that is no option, because it reduces the contrast in textured areas even more. One workaround is to set the Mix combo boxes in Novice or Expert Mode to "Edges". This will avoid that the contrast effect is applied to uniform areas like a wall or the sky. Another options is to use the controls on ContrastMaster's Mask tab sheet to selectively remove the effect. You could also create a selection or layer mask in your image application if nothing else helps.

ContrastMaster offers a Mask tab sheet with a color option that lets you remove the effect from image areas. You just need to use the color picker tool to select the sky color and move the appropriate slider until the contrast adjustments is removed from the sky areas."

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