B/W Films


The B/W Films mode emulates the color sensitivity of various types of B/W films.

Preset Icons

Clicking one of the preset icons will activate the appropriate effect by setting the sliders to certain values. The same presets can also be found in Photography Mode, B/W Quick Mode and Expert Mode. For more information about the presets, please read the Local Presets page.


Arrow Button Menu

If you click on the arrow button at the left, a menu will be displayed, which contains even more B/W film presets.



There are seven sliders with the name of seven colors ranging from Red to Magenta. Slider values above zero increase the brightness of the image areas that had the appropriate color in the original image. Values below zero reduce the brightness.

Please note: If you activate the IR preset icon, then the sliders will produce stronger brightness changes than with all other presets.


Hyper Links

The two hyper links on the bottom let you switch to Photograph Mode or to Expert Mode. Alternatively you can also use the Mode combo box at the top for doing that.