Film Grain


The Film Grain mode simulates the film grain of low and high-ISO films.

PLEASE NOTE: Always investigate the grain effect at 100% preview zoom in B/W Styler as well as 100% zoom in your graphics application. At other zoom levels the grain may look stronger in B/W Styler or weaker in Photoshop.

Preset Icons

Clicking one of the preset icons will activate the appropriate effect by setting the sliders to certain values. The same presets can also be found in Photography Mode, B/W Quick Mode and Expert Mode. For more information about the presets, please read the Local Presets page.



The Intensity slider controls the intensity of the grain. Low values will make the grain vanish and higher values will flood the image with grain.

The Size slider defines the size of the grain particles. The value represents the radius of the grain particle. A Size value of 1 means that the particle is 1 pixel big. A value of 1.0 creates grain particles that can be up to 3 pixel wide.


Hyper Links

The two hyper links on the bottom let you switch to Photograph Mode or to Expert Mode. Alternatively you can also use the Mode combo box at the top for doing that.