General Features


Easy Mode


When you run ColorWasher for the first time, you are asked if you want to start with Easy Mode. If you don't have very much knowledge about photo correction, you should follow this invitation. But even as a pro you will sometimes prefer to work in Easy Mode if you want to achieve results very quickly and don't need or have the time to tweak your photos.

In Easy Mode you are only presented with automatic and semi-automatic features. The manual controls are hidden as it takes more time and knowledge to adjust them or use them correctly. That doesn't mean that you aren't able to achieve such good results as in Expert Mode. For most images working in Easy Mode is sufficient. But difficult images may require you to switch to Expert Mode with the Mode combo box.

However, you can't do artistic effects that good in Easy Mode. Artistic color effects are easier to produce with the manual controls in Expert Mode.



Creating a Sample Area

Activate the sample area tool above the preview. Then left click on the preview box and drag to create a sample area marquee. The sample area should be created above an area of the image that was neutral gray or white in the original scene. Activate the Neutral check box on the Info tab sheet to get an impression of which area to sample. The colors will be automatically corrected with what is measured from the sample area. Alternatively activate the eyedropper tool and click on the preview.

For detailed information about this feature, please read the Sample Area page.



Clicking on the Reset button sets most controls to their default values. As a result there will be no color correction applied to the image. The Auto Contrast and Exposure Fix are set to their default values.


Auto 1 - 3

Clicking on one of the Auto buttons performs an automatic color correction. Each of them works best on certain image types. So please try them all four and keep the correction that fits best.

For detailed information about this feature, please read the Auto Buttons page.


Cast Type

The Cast Type combo box lets you choose between seven different items. Keep it set to Autodetect if you don't want to mingle with the different choices. That will work perfectly for most images.

For detailed information about this feature, please read the Cast Types page.


Auto Contrast

The Auto Contrast combo box offers you different choices for automatically adjusting the contrast of the image. Keep it at Normal to achieve a good result for many images. Only if you like a more intense contrast, set it to Strong or Intense. Avoid the Extreme setting as it often burns the image. Use the Boost option if the contrast is still low.

For detailed information about this feature, please read the Auto Contrast page.


Exposure Fix

The Exposure Fix combo box offers various options for adjusting the brightness. Please keep Exposure Fix set to Autodetect as this produces the best results in many cases without making the image too bright or dark. The Balance Midtones option may work fine, too.

For detailed information about this feature, please read the Exposure Fix page.


The Tab Sheets at the Bottom

Please have a look at the Histo, Info and Prefs pages for more information.