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Every time Plugin Commander creates a Filter Factory or transitions factory plugin (e.g. when converting or saving plugins) it uses a file template. Filter Factory 3.0 & 3.04 templates are already included with PiCo, but you can also use your own templates.

Photoshop FF Compilation

There are four option buttons for selecting the Filter Factory versions you like PiCo to create. The Macintosh Binary files that will be created with the Macintosh FF option (Pro Edition only) have to be transferred to a Macintosh machine and converted to Mac Photoshop plugins by using Stuffit Expander. The fourth option (Pro Edition only) lets you select your own Filter Factory template with the help of the Browse button.

If Big Preview or Mega Preview (Pro Edition only) is activated, PiCo will create Filter Factory plugins with a dialog that has a larger preview box.

Normally Filter Factory plugins only work with RGB images. If the All Modes (Pro Edition only) check box is activated, the Filter Factory plugins created by PiCo will work in LAB, HSB and YCMK modes, too. But please be careful, these modes may crash your image application, because the Filter Factory plugin wasn't programmed for these modes.

If the No Dialog (Pro Edition only) check box is activated, the dialog of all created Filter Factory plugins will be suppressed. This option is useful if you would like to create Filter Factory plugins that directly apply an effect without showing an dialog. The Demo Plugin (Pro Edition only) feature lets you create Demo versions of Filter Factory plugins by deactivating the OK button in the compiled plugin and making the plugin unrecognizable for Plugin Commander. If the Editor Plugin check box is activated, the final Filter Factory plugin will display a window with code boxes instead of the usual filter dialog.

Premiere FF Compilation (Pro Edition only)

Please use the Browse button and select the Adobe Premiere Filter Factory (fl-fact.prm) & Transition Factory (fx-fact.prm) plugins from your Premiere plugin folder. These two files will be needed if you want to convert Photoshop Filter Factory plugins to Premiere Filter Factory plugins. The Editor Plugin check box has the same effect as described above.

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