Preferences - Folders, Images & Apps


Pressing the Add button will display a dialog for selecting a folder, image or application. The selected item will be added to the list box on the left. The Remove button removes the selected item from the list box and Select All lets you select all list box items.

A selected list box item will move up or down with every click on one of the Arrow buttons. You can use this feature to sort the list box items. Holding down the Alt key and using the cursor keys will do the same job.

If the Auto Add check box is activated, folders, images and applications will be automatically added to the list as they are selected or opened within Plugin Commander.

The Auto Top check box is only available in the Folders Tab. If this check box is activated, the latest accessed folders are automatically moved to the top of the Folder list.

The Limit to ... entries text box check box is only available in the Folders Tab. It determines which items will be displayed in the folder list. Limiting the number of displayed items will make the folder list less crowded and more usable.

Add %1 is only available in the Apps Tab. If you added a %1 to an application item, the file that is currently selected in File or Plugin View will automatically be appended as an parameter when running the applications from the Apps menu. This way you can run an external application and specify a file that it should load automatically.

Remove %1 which is only available in the Apps Tab removes the %1 argument, so there will be no file transferred to that application when it is launched from the Apps menu.


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