Preferences - Interface


File and FFL View

These six check boxes define the behavior of the list box in the File and FFL View.

Full Row Selection makes the full row appear selected and not only one item of a row. Hover Selection will make an item selected, if you keep the mouse pointer one second over it. Flat Scrollbar makes the scroll bar appear flat. With Hot Tracking the items will be highlighted when the mouse pointer moves over them. Gridlines will displays grid lines within the list box. Auto Column Width will make the size of the column headers adapt automatically to the item size which is very useful if you e.g. always want to see the full file names.

Full Row Selection and Auto Column Width are activated by default. This is the recommended setting.

Plugin View

These two check boxes let you define which files are scanned and displayed in Plugin View. The first check box makes PiCo scan all sub folders of the current folder for plugins. The second check box (Pro Edition only) enables TXT, AFS and PFF files to be displayed in Plugin View, too. Please notice that activating the second check box can slow down the scanning process when switching to the Plugin View.

Select Fonts

The two buttons let you select different fonts, font sizes and font attributes for the main window of Plugin Commander. These two options can be very helpful if you use a high screen resolution with a small fonts setting. The List Box Font button selects the font that will be applied to the File, Plugin and FFL View lists. The Other Font button selects the font for all other elements on the main window e.g. the tab headers, the folder label, the file type drop down menu etc. the other fonts Plugin Commander's dialogs are influenced directly by the Windows system settings.

Choose FF Editor Interface

The drop down list contains interface designs (you can call them skins, if you like) for the FF Editor. These interface design consist of a JPG and a DES file which have to be placed in the interface sub folder inside the PiCo folder.


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