The Browser (Pro Edition only)


Clicking on the Browse button will display the Browser dialog. The Browser will only display thumbnails of Photoshop-compatible plugins and images.

If just one file or no files are selected when the Browse button is pressed, all files in the current folder will be displayed. If two or more files are selected, only the selected files will be displayed.

While the thumbnails are displayed you can interrupt this process by pressing the ESC key or by selecting Stop Scanning from the Browse menu. To continue the scan process select Continue Scanning. The Thumb Size menu item lets you choose between three thumbnail resolutions: 90x60, 120x90 and 160x120. The middle resolution is set by default. The Refresh menu item refreshes the content of the Browser window in case a file was edited outside of the Browser.

Double clicking an image will display it in the Picture Editor, double clicking a Filter Factory plugin will display it in the Filter Factory Editor. Double clicking other Photoshop-compatible plugins will execute them while for other file the associated application will be started.

Right clicking one of the thumbnails will display the Command menu from the main window as a context menu. With this context menu you can perform various tasks directly within the browser.



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