Picture Editor

To run the Picture Editor simply choose Picture Editor from the View menu or press the F9 key. You can open or load an image into the Picture Editor by double clicking an image file in the main window or double clicking an image in the Browser. You can also open an image directly in the Picture Editor by using Open, Acquire Image from the File menu or Paste from the Edit menu.

The Picture Editor is also used to display the results of a Photoshop-compatible 8bf plugin which was e.g. double clicked in the main window. Pressing the Apply/Big View button in the FF Editor will also display the result of the Filter Factory filter in Picture Editor.

1. File Menu


Lets you open an image that will be displayed in Picture Editor.

Save / Save As

Saves the currently displayed image.

Select Source

Lets you select a scanning device.

Acquire Image (Pro Edition only)

Invokes an TWAIN-compatible scanning dialog for scanning an image.

Print (Pro Edition only)

Prints the displayed image in its actual size or scaled to the printing page proportions.


Exits Picture Editor.

2. Edit Menu


Restores the state of the image before the last action.


Copies the image to the clipboard.


Retrieves an image from the clipboard.

Resize Image (Pro Edition only)

Lets you define a new pixel size (e.g. 640x480) or enter a percentage amount for changing the size of the current image.

3. Filters Menu (Pro Edition only)

You can find different commands in the Filters menu for manipulating the image e.g. Invert, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, Blur, Sharpen, Edge Detect, Emboss, Mirror and Rotate. These are standard functions that you should know from other image editing tools. If you do not know what they do just try them.

The External Plugins menu item will display a dialog that lets you apply a Photoshop-compatible plugin to the image displayed in the Picture Editor. The Select Folder button lets you select a new folder with plugins. The plugin categories are displayed in the left list box and the plugins in the right one.

To run and apply a plugin effect select a plugin in the right list and press the Run button or just double click it. The calculated effect will be automatically displayed in the Picture Editor window. You can apply several plugins without the need to leave the External Plugins dialog.

When you don't want to apply any more effects, simply click the OK button to leave the dialog. If you want to undo all effects you applied from this dialog, click the Cancel button. Even if you left the External Plugins dialog with the OK button, you can still undo all changes with the Undo command from the Edit menu.


4. Colors Menu (Pro Edition only)

The Colors menu offers different color conversion options to choose from. You can change the currently displayed image to 2 color, 16 color, 256 colors by using the standard Octree color reduction or Floyd Steinberg dithering. Additionally a greyscale and 16 million color mode is also offered.

Tip: If you want to save the current image as a gif file, you should select 256 Colors Dithered from the Colors menu firstly.


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