The Convert Command


The Convert command allows you to convert between different Filter Factory formats and source code files. To use it you have to select one or more files and then press the Convert button. As a result the Convert dialog will pop up.

The Output Format drop down menu lets you select one of 6 different formats. The Output Settings button will pop up the FF/TF tab of the Preferences dialog to allow you to specify different options for the supported formats. See Preferences for further instructions.

The Mac FF Adaption check box (Pro Edition only) is only accessible if one of the last three source code formats (AFS, PFF, TXT) is selected. If you activate it, the source code will be rewritten to work on Macintosh. If necessary this will be done automatically for the first three plugin formats.

The Use Clipboard as Source check box will ignore the previously selected files and grab the Filter Factory source code from the clipboard for doing the conversion. The Use Filter Name as File Name check box can be useful if you want to change the usual 8+3 file names of your plugins to a more meaningful file name. Pressing the Start button will trigger the conversion process.

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