B/W Quick Mode


The B/W Quick Mode provides the means for quickly converting a color image to B/W and adjusting the resulting image. It provides three tab sheets known from the Expert Mode, but with fewer controls. This mode is especially useful if you are interested in a pure B/W conversion without any additional special effects.


The Convert tab sheet offers the controls of the Color Filter method of Expert Mode. You can choose the color of the filter that will be used for B/W conversion with the Hue slider. The Contrast and Brightness sliders offer means for adjusting brightness and contrast during the B/W conversion. They use color differences to produce their effect, so they don't have the same effect as conventional Brightness and Contrast sliders which use brightness differences for adjusting the image. Conventional Brightness and Contrast sliders are available on the General tab sheet below the Convert tab sheet.



The seven Selective sliders let you adjust the brightness of certain image areas independently from each other. For example, the Red slider lets you darken or brighten image areas in the B/W image that are red in the original color image. The other sliders work similarly on the respective image colors. If one of these sliders doesn't seem to have an effect, it means that the appropriate color was not present in the original color image. This is often the case with the Magenta slider, because most digital cameras are not very sensitive for the color magenta and often capture it as a variation of blue or red. An activated Boost check box increases the effect of the seven sliders in case you need to perform a stronger selective correction. The same controls are also available from the Simple method on the Selective tab sheet of Expert Mode.



The sliders of the General tab sheet let you adjust the brightness and contrast in the whole image. For more information please see the General Tab Sheet page.

Button Menus

Apart from the arrow-down-button at the top, which offers global presets and is explained on the Reset, Undo & Presets page, there is an arrow-down-button on each of the three tab sheets in B/W Quick Mode. Clicking on it will display a menu for selecting a local preset that will set the controls of the tab sheet to some useful values. For more information about the Local Presets page.