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The Plugin Site Affiliate Program


The Plugin Site Affiliate Program gives you the chance to easily earn some money. All you have to do is to place a link to our web site. Placing these links is just a matter of minutes and will ensure continued revenue if you have a web site with a sufficient amount of visitors.

How does it work?

After subscribing to our Affiliate Program below, you will get your personal affiliate ID. You will also get special URLs, which include your affiliate ID, for linking to the main page or to products pages at The Plugin Site. You can place these special links, which include your personal ID, on your web site, but you can also include them in emails.

When someone uses your special link, a cookie with your affiliate ID will be saved on that person's computer. When the person later orders one or more of our products, your affiliate ID will be saved with the order. A certain percentage of the order amount will then be recorded as your revenue.

How much will I earn?

You will get a 20% commission for every purchase that was marked with your affiliate ID. The commission isn't calculated on shipping fees, only on the product price itself. That means if a visitor of your web site clicks on one of your affiliate links and orders a product from our web site, you will get a 20% of the purchase price. For example, if your visitor orders a download or CD-ROM copy of FocalBlade for $49.95 (with or without shipping fees), you will earn $9.99.

Please notice that we won't grant you a 20% commission if you are ordering one of our products with your own affiliate ID. We want to avoid that people subscribe to this program for the sole purpose of ordering our products at a cheaper price. If you are subscribed to our Affiliate Program and at least sold one copy of our products through it, please contact us and request a special price for ordering one of our products.

How will I know if I earned something?

As an affiliate you can contact us with your affiliate ID and ask how many items were sold with your affiliate ID and how much you have earned. We will also send you a notification by email when you affiliate revenue reached the amount of $70 (in case you didn't choose the Paypal option for getting paid). A method for querying your affiliate revenue online will be implemented in the near future.

How and when will I get my earned money?

There are several options for sending you the earned money. The easiest way is to send you the money via Paypal. If you have no Paypal account yet, you can open one for free by visiting Paypal also lets you withdraw the money to your local bank account for a very small fee. Within 14 days after the end of a month, we can send you the money of that month to your Paypal account. There is no need to wait for a certain fee to accumulate, because Paypal asks no fee for transferring money to another Paypal account.

We can also wire your money to your bank account if you are located with in European Union. In that case please send us your account information. Please don't forget to include your IBAN and SWIFT code.

We can also send you a check if you are located with in European Union. If you are outside the European Union, please ask your bank if it accepts checks from European banks. Also please ask for the processing fees, if you don't want to experience a bad surprise. We can send a check 30 days after the end of the month in which your earnings exceeded $70. Sending a check with a smaller amount doesn't make sense, because then the fees will eat up a large part of your earned money.

A third alternative is to let us pay the money to you via credit card. If you have a service that processes credit card payments for you, e.g. Element5, RegNow or ClickBank, it would certainly be an alternative. However, we will only place a credit card payment online via a secure server and not hand out our credit card data directly to you. Nevertheless, in most cases the Paypal option would probably mean less fees for both of us. We can pay you by credit card 30 days after the end of the month in which your earnings exceeded $70.

What conditions do I have to fulfill?

It is recommended having a web site with at least 1000 visitors per month, otherwise will very likely not earn anything with this Affiliate Program. You will do best if your web site receives a lot of visitors that are basically interested in photo editing, web design or video editing. Nevertheless, you can also include your special affiliate URLs in a newsletter or in emails to people when recommending one of our products.

You will also have more success with the affiliate program if you recommend our products on your web site, bring your visitors attention to the them or simply add the link on a prominent place on your web site. Try to avoid the impression that the affiliate link belongs to an advertisement if you want many people to click on it. Try to integrate the link as naturally as possible into your web site, for example by writing something about our web site or products. You are also allowed to grab images and descriptions of your product for that purpose.

However, if your web sites contains violence, racism, pornography, copyright violations or other content with which we don't want to identify our products, you won't be accepted or removed from The Plugin Site Affiliate Program. We will also reserve the right to remove you from our Affiliate Program if we notice that you are using your affiliate link in emails that can be regarded as spam.


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