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NEW: Version 2.01 with a new UI that does not require Flash Player

FilterHub is a powerful replacement for the Filter menu of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and offers many advantages over it. It supports built-in filters (from the Filter, Adjustments and Enhance menus), filter plugins and third-party automation plugins. The FilterHub panel runs in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements under Windows. There is also an older version for MacOS X, which runs in Photoshop CS4 to CC 2013.



  • Run filters fast and conveniently (e.g. with a double click) without navigating the Filter menu
  • Run up to six new filters in Photoshop Elements (e.g. Curves, Channel Mixer, Black & White) that are not available otherwise.
  • Run seven filters of ElementsXXL in Photoshop Elements: Curves, Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Exposure, Selective Colors, Shadows/Highlights, Vibrance (Requires ElementsXXL 3.50 or higher)
  • Apply the last effect of any filter (not just the last used one) without displaying its dialog
  • Paint or erase filter effects with the brush tool
  • Favorites list for quickly running your preferred filters and plugins
  • Display either all filters, only third party plugins or filters that match a search string
  • Run multiple filters (from the favorites list) with one click
  • Apply a filter on multiple layers in one pass
  • Even better: Run multiple filters on multiple layers with a single operation
  • Apply all filters to smart objects, even those filters that normally do not support it. (Requires ElementsXXL 4.02 or higher in Photoshop Elements)
  • If a filter does not support an image mode, the image is converted to a supported mode.
  • Before running a filter it can automatically create a duplicated layer, a merged copy of all layers (stamped layer), a smart object or flatten the image.
  • Supports the ActionsXXL plugin for recording its image editing steps


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