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NEW: Version 1.60 with support for 63 new filters and improved Favorites


FilterHub is a powerful replacement for the Filter menu of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and offers many advantages over it. It supports built-in filters (from the Filter, Adjustments and Enhance menus), filter plugins and third-party automation plugins. The FilterHub panel runs in Photoshop under Windows and MacOS X and in Photoshop Elements under Windows.



  • Run filters fast and conveniently (e.g. with a double click) without navigating the Filter menu
  • Run up to six new filters in Photoshop Elements (e.g. Curves, Channel Mixer, Black & White) that are not available otherwise.
  • Run seven filters of ElementsXXL in Photoshop Elements: Curves, Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Exposure, Selective Colors, Shadows/Highlights, Vibrance (Requires ElementsXXL 3.50 or higher)
  • Apply the last effect of any filter (not just the last used one) without displaying its dialog
  • Paint or erase filter effects with the brush tool
  • Favorites list for quickly running your preferred filters and plugins
  • Display either all filters, only third party plugins or filters that match a search string
  • Run multiple filters (from the favorites list) with one click
  • Apply a filter on multiple layers in one pass
  • Even better: Run multiple filters on multiple layers with a single operation
  • Apply all filters to smart objects, even those filters that normally do not support it. (Requires ElementsXXL 4.02 or higher in Photoshop Elements)
  • If a filter does not support an image mode, the image is converted to a supported mode.
  • Before running a filter it can automatically create a duplicated layer, a merged copy of all layers (stamped layer), a smart object or flatten the image.
  • Supports the ActionsXXL plugin for recording its image editing steps


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