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NEW: Version 1.12 with support for Photoshop Elements 2022 and enhanced batch processing.


ActionsXXL empowers Photoshop Elements users to create, record, play and save Photoshop actions. ActionsXXL also offers a Batch feature for automatically processing multiple documents or image files with actions, scripts and other features. ActionsXXL plays actions 30% faster than Photoshop Elements itself and plays actions created for Photoshop, which would otherwise not work in Photoshop Elements, with the help of ElementsXXL.


  • Create, open, record, edit and organize actions as well as save Photoshop action files
  • Batch process all open document, selected layers or image files with Photoshop actions, scripts, Camera Raw and up to 8 auto enhancements
  • Play Photoshop actions 30% faster than Photoshop Elements itself
  • Play actions created for Photoshop with the help of ElementsXXL that would otherwise not work in Photoshop Elements
  • Conveniently play Photoshop actions by clicking buttons in Button Mode
  • Run actions via 44 key shortcuts
  • Record and play back features of Photoshop Elements, ElementsXXL, LayersXXL and FilterHub
  • Create conditional step for running different actions according to 24 conditions
  • View the parameters of action steps conveniently as tool tips
  • Use ActionsXXL from the Actions panel (in Photoshop Elements 11-14) or as a floating window

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