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About The Plugin Site

The Plugin Site is located in Nuremberg, Germany, and develops graphics, video and web software. We created the applications like Plugin Commander and HTML Shrinker, plugins like Plugin Galaxy, HyperTyle, ColorWasher, FocalBlade and LightMachine as well as image collections like Edge & Frame Galaxy and Photo Galaxy. We also released several freeware products like Harry's Filters and PhotoFreebies. We co-produced Alpha Magic with Pinnacle Systems and currently co-develop FilterMeister with AFH Systems.

The Plugin Site is not only developing software, but also offers web content about Photoshop-compatible plugins. Our web site offers dozens of software reviews, features the most complete directory of Photoshop plugins, operates a large discussion board as well as search engine and conducts popular graphics contests. We also publish The Plugin Newsletter, which is read by more than 100,000 people worldwide. We also write articles for, the Digital Photography Techniques Magazine and the Digital Photo Effects Magazine. With more than 300,000 monthly visitors our web site is the most popular web site about Photoshop plugins according to

The Main Crew

Harald Heim

Harald founded "The Plugin Site" and works 25 hours a day on keeping everything running smoothly. He developed the products ideas and programmed most of them. He got into Photoshop plugins in 1997 while he studied psychology. After writing his final thesis about software ergonomics he earned a diploma degree in psychology, but decided to make a living from Photoshop plugins instead. He loves sci-fi books and is a photomaniac. He is addicted to flamenco dancing.


Miriam Heim

Miriam processes orders, does email support and everything that is necessary. She received educations as a teacher for German and English and as a Foreign Language Correspondent for English and French and also speaks Spanish. She is a fanatic flamenco dancer and enjoys belly dance, but also loves spiders (with the exception of those living in Australia) and other strange animals.


Nick Utenkov

Nick is a software developer from Russia who created the Mac versions of our PhotoWiz and Plugin Galaxy products.


Steve Upham

Steve is a graphics designer from Wales who created the PhotoWiz logos as well as the Mutation/Abstraction products.


Herve Goussard

Herve is a French artist who created the graphics and logos for Plugin Galaxy, Plugin Commander and HyperTyle.


Bernd Keller

Bernd did a practical course at The Plugin Site in 2004 and helped with our Photo Galaxy and Edge & Frame Galaxy products among other things.


There are a lot of other people who contribute the one or other thing, help debugging and testing our products, promote our web site and help in many other ways. Listing them all would be huge task, so we anonymously want to say a big "Thank You!" for their contributions.


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