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Applying the Edges in PhotoImpact


1. Open an edge file from the edges sub folder in PhotoImpact.

2. Open a photo file.

3. Ativate the edge window and choose Dimensions from the Format menu (or simply press <Ctl + G>) and enter the pixel size of the photo file to adapt the edge to the size of the photo.

4. Switch to the other photo window and select Selection | Import Selection from the Edit menu.

6. Click on the Open Image(s) option button, if it isn't already activated, and choose the edge file from the list box below.

7. After pressing Ok, the edge will be applied as a selection to the photo.

8. Select Selection | Invert from the Edit menu to invert the selection.

9. Press the <Del> key to erase the area around outside the edge.

10. After repeating step 8, you can apply other effects e.g. background texture or a Shadow effect to the photo.



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