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Applying the Edges in Ultimate Paint


1. Open one of the edge files from the edge sub folder.

2. Open the photo file you want the edge to be applied to.

3. Activate the photo window and choose Arithmetic from the Image | Misc menu.

4. In the Arithmetic dialog make sure Image 1 is set to the photo and Image 2 is set to the edge image.

5. Select Multiply mode from the Operation combo box. But you can also experiment with the other Operation modes. The final result can be seen in the preview box on the right side.

6. Press Ok to finally apply the edge to the photo.

7. Save the photo and close the edge image window.

Using the above instructions will result in a black background. To get a white background at the end, invert the edge by applying the Negative filter from the Image | Color menu after step 1. And later select Lightest as the Operation mode in step 5.



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