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Gradient Light Tutorial
(applies only to Adobe Premiere)

The Texturize transition is a plugins that is already delivered with Premiere. You will find it in Premiere's Transition Window.

1. You have  to import a gradient into your Project Window. You can do that by left clicking on the grey area under the title bar of the Project window. From the pop up menu choose Import File  (Premiere 5: choose from the File menu Import | File or press <Ctl + I> ). After you selected a gradient in the file dialog, it will appear in the Project window as shown below.


2. Now you have to drag a video clip from the Project window into track A (Premiere 5: Video 1A) and the gradient picture into track B (Premiere 5: Video 1B).

3. Then you just need to drag the Texturize transition from the Transitions window into Track T (Premiere 5: Transition track) between the video clip and the gradient clip.

4. If you want to combine this three track arrangement into one track, you have to produce a virtual clip as described in the manual (Premiere 5 Manual: page 197). That way you can still apply another transition to the virtual clip.

A disadvantage of the Texturize transition is that it hasn't any controls to alter the intensity of the light effect that the gradient creates.

These light effects can be used to simulate sunshine or twilight. They can also give the impression as if the scene plays in a night or day dream. But the light effects can also be used to selectively enhance the brightness of a partially dark video shot.

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