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Using the Gradients in After Effects, Speed Razor, Video Machine and Concerto


How to use in After Effects: Import one of the gradient files by choosing Choose File | Import | Footage File. Drag it into the Time Layout Window so that it becomes a layer and turn off the visibility of the layer by clicking the eye icon. Select the layers you want to apply the transition and choose Effect | Transition | Gradient Wipe.

How to use in Speed Razor:
Add the Black to White Transition to your project's Transitions Library and then drag it in the Composition Window. After that select one of the gradients in BMP format.

How to use in FAST Video Machine:
Choose Group | New DVE Group. Right click anywhere within the new window and choose Load Alpha Wipe. In the dialog box that will appear, select one or more gradient files. Then drag one of the loaded effects into the FX1 or FX2 track.


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