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Plugin Newsletter - February 2001









Dear subscribers,

This issue comes with a week delay, because I have been busy with a lot
of other things. But to compensate it, I have released new versions of
two of my software products in the meantime. Additionally 19 images
created by different people have been added to the Visitor Gallery. As
usual you will find information about free plugins and tool as well as
the latest graphics news.

See below for more details. I hope this newsletter contains something
useful for you. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Yours sincerely,
Harald Heim



Version 1.52 of Plugin Commander (for Windows) has been released.
Although the version number may not suggest it, it features some major
enhancements for users of Paint Shop Pro. These new features make it
most easy to manage and maintain your collection of different PSP

Plugin Commander 1.52 now supports 10 different PSP file types including
PSP tubes, PSP 6 patterns, PSP 6 textures, PSP 7 shapes, PSP 7
textures/patterns, PSP brushes, PSP frames, PSP gradients, PSP images,
PSP masks and PSP styled lines. They are displayed in Plugin View, can
be disabled or enabled and the Pro Edition of Plugin Commander even
allows you to view most of them in the Preview window. PSP textures,
patterns and masks are moreover displayed in the Picture Editor and
Browser. Best of all, the new FX Download dialog lets you search for
specific PSP tubes (among over 1000 tubes) and directly connect to the
internet for downloading them.

Additionally two major restrictions of the free Light Edition of Plugin
Commander were removed. You can now open JPG files with it and the
Plugin View displays plugins and other effects from all sub folders
instead of only the top folder.



Version 2.0 of HTML Shrinker (for Windows) was released a few weeks ago.
If you still use Version 1.07, it is highly recommended to get the much
improved new version. Version 2.0 consists of a free Light Version and a
commercial Pro Version.

In addition to a larger main dialog, both versions include improved
shrinking of JavaScript code as well as fixes for several shrinking
problems and other bugs. There's a new Backup dialog, new Overwrite
dialog, new 'Show Source' command and the ESC key can now be used to
interrupt the shrinking process.

The Pro Version achieves an up to 50% higher shrinking rate and works
almost double as fast when shrinking a large amount of files. It
supports WML (wap), WMLS (wap script) and PL (perl) files and offers an
improved shrinking of ASP and XML files. HTML Shrinker Pro makes it
possible to recursively shrink all sub folder as well as the clipboard
and to simulate the shrinking of files. Additionally options for
creating backups or saving shrunken files in special folders are
offered. There are also command line options available and you can use
HTML Shrinker Pro directly from the Windows Explorer.



18 new images and a gif animation have been added to the Visitor Gallery
at The Plugin Site. The artists are Torsten Haberland, Roberlan Borges,
James Bilderback, Brett East, Michael Cavallo, Bill Haddick, Andre
Salters, Francesco Manfredi and Amelia Bohr. Don't miss these impressive



Version 0.4.19 of Filter Meister (for Windows), a sophisticated filter
plugin development tool, is now available. The latest version offers
open/save dialogs, an enhanced source editor, support for Fireworks as
well as new functions and variables. Beside the filter development
plugin itself there are some interesting Photoshop-compatible plugins
included that were created with Filter Meister. Filter Meister is free
to use, but if you want to compile your own plugin, you have to register
it for $25 (later $50).

Get the Kewlpack Professional Action Pack containing over 60 Photoshop
Actions for free. These actions were previously partly sold
commercially. They were created with Adobe Photoshop 5 for Windows, but
should work with Version 6 and with a few tricks on the Macintosh, too.

Lattice Composer (for Windows) from Mr. Redfield is free
Photoshop-compatible plugin for designing grids and nettings. You can
produce great variety of weave patterns, fabric textures, body art
tattoos and skeleton simulations. Lattice Composer replaces the old Mesh
3D filter.

Teph's Tricks by Lynn A. Davis is a collection of 15 simple filter
plugins created with Filter Factory. The SLIDE X/Y and OFFSET WRAP
filters wrap an image vertically and/or horizontally. The 12 other
filters of this collection produce transparency effects according to
certain image parameters. To use these plugins on the Macintosh you need
FF Decompiler
( and the
Filter Factory plugin from the Photoshop CD.
While visiting this appealing site you can also have a look at the
backgrounds, Blade Pro presets, PSP tutorials, tubes and vector shapes
that are featured there.

AIST MovieXone 1.03 (for Windows) is a free video production software
including tools for editing, animation and audio so that you can produce
more than silent movies and a titler. Suitable transitions and
impressive effects are also included. The live preview in realtime
allows you to experiment, as all changes to your clips are shown
immediately. MovieXone is available in German, English, French, Spanish
and Italian.

Have a look at this interesting tutorial, if you are used to Filter
Factory plugins and use a Macintosh computer. It is called "Customizing
Your Filter Factory Interface - Using ResEdit to give your own Photoshop
filters a personal touch".




Jasc recently updated Paint Shop Pro to version 7.02. Grab the update
patch, a 10 MB download, from

Version 2.1 of Achroma (for Windows) is now available. Achroma is a
software component that allows programmers to support graphics plug-ins
within their applications. This means you don't need to create your own
effects and file exports - you can just add Achroma and let your clients
add whatever plug-ins they want. Achroma is for example already used in
Plugin Commander Pro. Find out more about it at

On March 17th 2001 two Filter Frenzy online classes will start at LVS.
The Filter Frenzy I course is held a second time now and teaches the
usage of major plugin products as well as working with Plugin Commander
Light. The new Filter Frenzy II class, subtitled Adventure Underway,
will last six week and builds on Filter Frenzy I. It will cover Plugin
Commander Pro, Plugin Galaxy, a week each for Kai's Power Tools 3, 5 and
6, and a freeware week. Participants of both courses will get resources
and tips for each filter, as well as projects to complete. Prepare
yourself for a very busy message board and study group when joining
these highly recommended classes! For just $15 you will be able to go

Pinoy7 has started its February PSP challenge, titled "Picture Your
Dream--Wallpaper Challenge!". The deadline for sending in your creations
is March 1st. Besides Plugin Galaxy, you can also win prizes from Jasc,
AlienSkin and Muska & Lipman.

Panopticum Engraver for Windows is a Photoshop-compatible plugin for
stylizing your image as black-and-white or colored print and for doing
alpha channel image cutting with various geometric patterns. Engraver
gives you wide variety of strokes for cutting such as lines, waves,
circles, spirals and dots as well as different color schemes.

Segmentis have developed a simplifier tool called buZZ.Professional for
Win and Mac. It contains 13 filters overall, including a simplifier tool
which allows the removal of details without loss of focus. The filters
are coupled with the "Stack" which allows different combinations of

Adobe announced Photoshop Elements, an image application which was
designed especially for amateur photographers, hobbyists, and business
users who want an easy-to-use, yet powerful digital imaging solution.
Image tools make you free to explore your creativity while mastering the
elements of digital imaging. Image-capture options let you work with
photos taken with digital or traditional cameras, and delivery features
enable you to prepare images for print, e-mail, or posting on the Web.


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