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Plugin Newsletter Archive 1998/99


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 19/99 
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 18:18:32 +0200


Sorry, this newsletter comes a bit late, cause there were some mailing problems.
The Plugin Com HQ site ( was already updated some days ago.


I produced Alpha Magic in cooperation with Alfredo Mateus (who owns the
Pluginhead web site) and Hollywood FX Inc. Alpha Magic offers a whole new way to
create video transitions using gradients. Alpha Magic is a library of over 400
gradients and the Gradient Wizard, a new plugin that lets you create incredible
wipes, dissolves and particle transitions, and helps you organize your Alpha
Magic gradients with simple groups of gradient icons.  Alpha Magic works with
Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Symphony, Xpress, Canopus RexEdit Discreet
Logic Edit, DPS Video Action NT, FAST Video Machine Plus, 601, blue, In-Sync
Speed Razor, Media 100 Finish, Panasonic DVEdit, Sony EditStation 3 and Ulead
Media Studio Pro under Windows and Macintosh.

For more informations and for downloading a trial version visit or


At the same time I reworked the Transitions / Harry's Gradients page of my site.
You will find 15 new free gradient files there. Instructions for using the in
different video editing application are on the same page. But using these
gradients in Alpha Magic is the most flexible and comfortable way to generate
transition effect.


I've added a link to imageN at the Tools / Graphic Tools page. imageN is an
image editing tool which support Adobe-compatible plugins and has many other
nice features. So if you were looking for a freeware tool which can run all the
nice plugins available from Plugin Com HQ, this is what you need. Besides imageN
has some nice features for digital cameras.


I've also placed a link to Tim's Filters on the Filters / FF Index page. This
collection contains 4 filters including two woodcut filters, a drop shadow
filter and a edge fade filters. They were rated with full 3 stars, so don't miss


I've already created 7 tutorials for my recently released Plugin Galaxy plugin
set. Here are the titels:

- Turning Photos into Seamless Textures 
- Adding Dynamics to Photos 
- Creating Metal Frames 
- Doing Text Effects 
- Generating Glass Tiles 
- Simulating Sunsets
- Doing Funny Faces 
- Funshine Spheroids

These tutorials are only accessible from


A nice book that has been released lately is the PSP Power book from Lori Davis.
It isn't a usual book, it is a ebook: a CD-ROM which contains PDF documents.
This ebook explains all aspects of working with JASC Paintshop Pro and is easily
readable. So if you were looking for such an book lately, I can only recommend
it. And it is quite cheap, too, only $19.95. Get it from


Last but not least, I've reworked the Gallery section of my site lately. If you
want to see a few graphics created by myself or other people or  if you want to
visit some other sites with nice photos, just take a look.

Best Wishes, Harald Heim

PlugIn Com HQ -  
Plugins, Effects and Tools for Image and Video Editing


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Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 18/99 
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 11:30:37 +0100

Hi everyone,

here are the latest news from Plugin Com HQ:


I'm proud to announce my new product called Plugin Galaxy. It is a  set of 20
plugins containing over 120 different effects. The plugins  work in over 20
applications including Photoshop, Paintshop Pro,  Photo-Paint, Picture Publisher

Here's a description of the plugins:

Alpha Tool: manipulates the alpha channel. 
Bluuur: creates different blur effects 
Breakfast: creates different textures 
Coolorize: manipulates the colors of an image 
Cryptology: lets you encrypt and decrypt your images at 64bit 
Edge Tool: creates many edge variations 
Feedback: creates radial feedback and vortex effects 
Fusion: creates metal, chrome or neon effects 
Glass: creates glass-like effects 
Grid: creates different grid effects 
Instant Mirror: creates different mirror effects 
Noiseee: creates different noise effects 
Pop Art: creates colorful pop-art style effects 
Rainbow:  creates different rainbow gradients
Sunshine: creates sunshine or sunset effects 
Star: creates a star effects
Synthesizer: creates patterns 
Warp 1: creates different warp effects 
Warp 2: creates more warp effects Zoom: creates a zoom area

There's also a demo version available which includes two free plugins.


There's also a new version of this tool available at my site. Here's a list of
the  improvements:

- Options dialog for defining your own shrinking options  
- No shrinking within tags  
- Larger main dialog  
- Some smaller improvements and bug fixes.


The 4 new Unplugged plugins for the Macintosh system are now available  on the
Filters / Mac Plugins page. You'll find a link to the Unplugged site  which is
indeed worth a look at the bottom of this page.

Have a nice Sunday, 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 17/99
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 14:05:45 -0000


Seems it's filter season. After I've reported about a bunch of new  filters last
week, many more have become available this week. But  first I want to correct an

KPT X EQUALIZER is working perfect in PSP 5.03!!!

So if you didn't get it yet, go to my Filters / Free Filters page and download
it. It will only be available until the end of July.


You may already be familiar with the Krusty's FX plugins. Now  Krusty has
released some corrected versions of his old filters and at  the same time some
new ones. The interface of the new plugin is  very nice. He enhanced the boring
Filter Factory interface with  many graphical elements and gave it an exotic
touch. Don't miss  these new plugins, which mainly create texture effects! The
URL is  available on the Filters / FF Index page. 


Martijn van der Lee has released 4 new filters this weekend. You  can find them,
too, by visiting my Filters / FF Index page. Just look  our for the NEW icon.

Here's what he wrote about them:

"1) Colors/Color Expander: Expand the color range to brighten up  the dull
shades in pictures, this filter can change the color range for each independent

2) Effects/RGB Speckle: This plugin will put a random pattern of red, green and
blue pixels over a picture, nice for special FX.

3) Effects/Scanner Correction: This filter will simple allow you to  shift the
red, green and blue channels in a picture as to correct the deviation cheap
scanners will generate, this works surprisingly well.

4) Tools/Copystar: Generates a star-like radial distortion of an  image, good
for creating kaleidoscopic effects." 


The results of the poll, which was located last week on the main  page, are now
available on the Know How / Poll Results page. So if you want to know, which
image editing applications are used  by how many people, have a look at that


The price of four products that are offered at my site were reduced.

Eye Candy, which has been voted as their favourite plugin set by  46% of all
people (see Know How / Poll Results page), is now  available for only $119.
Xenofex from the same company is now  available for $119, too. These two offers
are accessible on the  Plugin Store page.

Secondly the prices of Macromedia products have been reduced,  too. Fireworks is
now available for $149 (instead of $159) and the  price of Dreamweaver (which I
consider the best HTML Editor ever)  has been reduced from from $269 to $249.
The Fireworks offer is available on the Tools / Graphic Tools page,  while the
Dreamweaver offer is accessible from the Tools / Graphic  Tools page.

Have a nice time, 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 16/99 
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 16:48:15 +0100


after 3 weeks here's another newsletter. I've already updated my site  last
monday, but didn't have the time to send out this newsletter. In  the last two
week tons of new free filters have become available.


I've added a link to the FilterMeister home page on the Filters / Free Filters
where a new version of the FilterMeister plugin was released. Besides the
FilterMeister plugin for creating your own filters, this package also includes

TV-Mania: for creating interlace effects 
Energy Clouds: for creating colorful
random patterns 
ConvoLine: blur, edge, sharpen effects 
Min-I-Max: nice median effects 
AFH Beveler 3: square bevels 
Newton Fractal Explorer 5: fractal patterns


Secondly, you'll find a new Filter Factory plugin package on the  Filters  / FF
Index page. MuRa's Seamless is a set of 33 nice effects which includes seamless,
mirror, warp and pattern effects. The set  was rated with 3 stars.


Last, but not least there's free commercial plugin available from  MetaCreations
called KPT Equalizer. Unfortunately I didn't have the  chance to place this
information on the Filters / Free Filters page, because of some connection
problems. So here's the URL for  downloading it:

The download procedure is a bit complex, but the plugin is worth a  look. It
includes three sharpen effects. While the two others aren't  that spectacular,
the Equalizer effect lets you adjust different "image frequencies" and therefore
create different sharpen and blur effects.

Hurry up, the KPT X Equalizer plugin is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR  FREE UNTIL 31TH
JULY!!! After that date you have to pay $29.95  for it.

I've tested this plugin PSP 5.03 and unfortunatelly it didn't work,  which is a


While visiting my site you will come across some polls. I would  appreciate, if
you took the time to enter your vote. Currently there  are 3 polls up:  - one
about FF Filters on the Filter / FF Index page  - one about Edge & Frame
products on the Other Effects / Edges &  Frames page  - and one on how much you
would invest in a professional plugin set

I already conducted and finished two other polls. You can find the  results on
the newly created Know How / Poll Results page. One of  them is about the
sections of my site and the second tells you which plugin sets people like best.

I will soon add two new polls on the most popular transition effects  and on the
most popular image editing applications. So look out.


Two problems have been removed in this new version: - Necessary spaces aren't
removed any more  - "Remove all Images/Scripts/Styles" are deactivated after
each  session  If you already have a previous release of HTML Shrinker, you only 
need to download the 50 K update.

I will also add a link list to the Tools / HTML Shrinker page mentioning HTML
Shrinker optimized sites. So if you have the HTML Shrinker  icon on your site
and want to get listed there, please tell me.

I'm very proud to tell you that HTML Shrinker 1.0 has received a full 5 star
rating from ZD-NET!!! I will soon add a link to the review on the Tools / HTML
Shrinker page.

That's all for this time...

Have a nice Weekend and enjoy the summer, 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 15/99
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 15:05:38 +0100

I've been busy this week, but I've nevertheless managed to update my Plugin  Com
HQ site. Here are the topics:


I finally released version 1.0, after I received some feedback from various 
people. HTML Shrinker 0.9.15 was reviewed by, too, and got a  good
4 star rating. The two negative points that were mentioned in the ZDNET  review
aren't present in the new 1.0 version, so hopefully HTML Shrinker 1.0 will  get
an 5 star rating soon.

Version 1.0 includes a new feature which lets you remove all images, scripts 
and styles from html files, if you wish to do so. This can e.g. be useful, if you
downloaded html pages without its images and want to view, print or  archive 
them without ugly empty image boxes.


I added some information on the The Filter Meister plugin to the 
Filter Meister (FM) is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and plugin-compatible 
applications which lets you create your  own Photoshop-compatible plugin filters
using a powerful C-like  programming language.

You can download the current beta version of FM which includes  different free
filter plugins.


I created a new Tools / Web Tools page which lists recommended tools  of the
following categories: Web Browsers, HTML Editors, Site Submission,  Gif Animation, 
Web Graphics and Web Graphics Optimizers. Appropriate  download links are included
on this page, too.

I will continue adding new tools to this page soon, cause there are still some
tool  categories missing. If you know some web tool that can be recommended,
don't  hesitate to write me.


I would like to invite you to present your own graphical works (especially
images  that use an edge or frame effect) and some comments on how you created
them  to the EFG Forum at

You will get some feedback by myself and other people and maybe even  suggestion
on how to do it better. I think it would be very interesting for everyone  to
see other  people's creations and get some ideas for own creations.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon,
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 14/99
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 20:51:24 +0200 

Hi, has been updated this weekend with the following topics:


The winners of the EFG Contest have finally been chosen. If you  like to know
who has won, please visit the Gallery/EFG Contest  page. 


I also released a new version of HTML Shrinker. If your version is  older than
0.9.16, please get the newest one. The improvements are:  slightly higher
shrinking rate, scripts and styles won't be removed  any more, confirmation
message will only appear once after  pressing Restore. 


The tutorials from the Tools/Plugin Commander/PiCoTutorials page  are now
available as PDF files on the same page. If you download  them, you can read
them offline and don't need to view them online  any more.

Kindest Regards, Harald Heim

PlugIn Com HQ -  
Plugins, Effects and Tools for Image and Video Editing


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Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 13/99
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 13:26:36 -0000


it's time for a new newsletter issue.


Due to the great success of Edge & Frame Galaxy, I decided to  create Volume 2
of Edge & Frame Galaxy which is now available at  the following URL:

Volume 2 again contains 400 edges and 50 colored frames that can  be used in all
favourite image, animation and video applications, but  the resolution of the
edges and frames has increased. Additionally  there are more greyscaled edges,
as well as more rectangular and  circular edge variations than in Volume 1.
Volume 2 also comes with  an installation and uninstall procedure, as well as a
better laid out  manual. You can download a demo version of EFG Volume 2 
(including some sample edges and frames) at the above URL, too.

Both EFG volumes now include tutorials for Picture Publisher,  MediaStudio Pro
and Painter. EFG Volume 1 is now also avaialble  as a Macintosh Photoshop


The Other Effects/Edges & Frames page has been updated with an  edge tutorial
for Micrografx Picture Publisher. It is the same tutorial  that can be found in
the EFG Vol. 2 demo version.


As I promised in the last newsletter, I've released HTML Shrinker.  You can find
it on the Tools/HTML Shrinker page. HTML Shrinker  can be used to remove all
unnecessary bytes from html files. By  doing that, your html pages will become
smaller and your web site  will load faster. Very compact html files can be
reduced up to 10%  in size, but blown up html pages (produced with e.g. MS
Frontpage)  can be shrinked up to 50% of their original size.

HTML Shrinker is linkware which means that you can use and  distribute it
freely, but you have to place a link to http://pico.i-, if you used it to
optimize your web site.

For further information read the HTML Shrinker Help file.

That's it for this time. 

Have a nice day, 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 12/99 
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 16:49:40 -0000

Dear Subscribers,

The Plugin Com HQ site has been updated this weekend.


I thought that it was necessary to figure out a new navigation system  for my
site. With more and more sections and sub pages added, it  became more and more
clumsy.  Now I've added a navigation bar on the left which lets you access all 
pages of the whole site very quickly. Besides that the loading of the  site
increased dramatically, because some graphics and index  pages were removed.
However there may be some small navigation problems left. If you  should
encounter them, please let me know. Comments on the new  navigations system are
welcome, too.


I've added 4 new Mac?ntosh plugins from the Unplugged series to  the
Filters/MacPlugins page. They produce 3 different Median type   and a scan line
effect. The URL for downloading the Windows  versions of these plugins is on the
same page.


Edge and Frame Galaxy is a collection of 400 b/w edges and 50  colored frames
for a large variety of applications at the unbeatable  price of $19.95. Now
number of applications it can be used has  increased. EFG contains new tutorials
for Ulead Media Studio Pro,  Micrografx Picture Publisher and Metacreations
Painter. Even  better, now there's a Macintosh Photoshop version of EFG
available,  too. Look out for Volume 2 of Edge & Frame Galaxy that will be
released  next week.  Here's the URL:


I'm about to release (in one or two weeks) two freeware tools  programmed by
myself.  "Folder Tool" will be a utility for creating, copying, moving, renaming 
whole folder structures at only a button click. As I didn't find any tool  that
had such functionality, I decided to programm one myself. "HTML Shrink" will be
a tool for reducing the size of HTML files. So  you can use HTML Shrink to make
your web pages load faster.

Have a nice time, 
Harald Heim

P.S: Some necessary organisational stuff:

1. If you would like to unsubscribe from this newsletter, send an  email to
us with unsubscribe hq in the subject line.

2. If your email address should change, please notify me. I usually  get 10 or
more error emails because of closed email accounts after  each newsletter. So
notifing me would save me a lot of time. Thanks.


Subject: EFG Contest Galleries open for voting
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:40:05 -0000


I've just opened two of the three EFG Contest Galleries at for voting. You're
invited to have a look at the almost 100 images  submited to this contest and to
vote for the images you like best.

I also added a link to a new and interesting plugin called Jama 3D  on the Free
Filters page of my site.

Happy Voting, 
Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 11/99
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:37:40 -0000


you won't believe it: my site has been updated again :-)


I added a new section to Plugin Com HQ called Tools. You will find  there many
tool which I recommend for such areas like viewing,  image editing, painting,
video editing, animation, gif animation, web  design, batch conversion, plugins.
I also provided links for directly  downloading trial or demo versions.


Please remember that my Edge & Frame Galaxy Contest will finish  at the end of
April. Some gif animation submissions are still missing.

Secondly, there's another contest currently running called Ulead GIF  Animation
Challenge. It runs until the end of May. The grand prize is  $1000 and there are
other cash awards, flatbed scanners, a digital  camera, online shopping sprees
and tons of software to win. Check  it out at 

Wishing you nice weekend, 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Update 10/99 
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:06:53 -0000

Hi Folks,

New week, new update ...


This week I had a look on KPT5 on the Alternative FX page (in the Filters
section  of my site). Some of its effects can be simulated very well with
already existing  plugins. But read yourself ...


There were 160 new filters released by Andrew Buckle. You can get them from  my
"Mac Plugs & FFLs" page. As usual they are in FFL Format and you need  Plugin
Commander (PiCo) to convert them to plugins. The zip with the FFL files 
contains now over 1350 filters... I recommend to preview them in PiCo, before 
you convert some of them, cause these 1350 filters need 65 MBs of your hard 
drive space as 8bf plugins :-)


The Edge & Frame Galaxy Contest Gallery has opened with the 42 images and 7 
animations which were already submited to the contest. The contest itself still 
runs, but will be end in two weeks. So if you still want to win a copy of 
Macromedia Fireworks 2 (worth $169), go and submit your image at

The changes to win Fireworks 2 are currently 1 to 5, as 15 people entered the 
contest and 3 copies can be won. And the chance win one of the 9 prices is  even
higher: 9 to 15. That's more than 50%.


I also made preview pictures of the Photoshop 5 plugins on the PiCo Download 
page available. If you download them and place them in the preview sub folder 
inside your PiCo folder, they can be used by PiCo to display the effects of the 
built-in Photoshop 5 plugins.

The zip file is around 390K large and the pictures were created by Warwick 
Rendell. Many Thanks, Warwick!


There are two new product in the PluginStore. Firstly MS PhotoDraw 200, a new 
sophisticated graphic application with many neat features. You can purchase it 
for only $93.45 and save $55 of the normal retail price.  Secondly I added Adobe
PhotoDeluxe 3 ($43.95) which is great for manipulating  photos, creating
greeting cards, calendars and that kind of stuff.


I planned to add a Tools section to my site with descriptions and links to 
recommended graphic applications and tools. If you have graphic tools  you often
use and are satisfied with, please let me know. Many thanks in  advance.

Best Wishes (for the weekend and next week), 
Harald Heim


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Update 9/99 
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 14:17:34 -0000

Hi Folks,

At first I'd like to express my gratitude for your continueing interest  in my
site. This newsletter is now delivered to almost 1000 people.  As I didn't have
the time to update Plugin Com HQ last weekend, I  placed even more stuff this
time. As usual the URL of my site is at  the bottom of this email, in case
you've lost it.


I've added two new links on the FF INDEX page (Filters section).  There's the
Convert plugin which has some option for converting  colored images into black
and white ones. And the second one is  Francois Saluden's Entrelacement plugin
which can simulate TV  scan lines. Both plugins are quite usefull for the
special purpose  they were created for.


Then I've added to new tutorials for using edeges and frames in  Ulead
MediaStudio Pro and MetaCreations Painter to the Edge &  Frame section of my
site. They give you instructions on using the  the 50 freely downloadable edges
or the edges from my Edge &  Frame Galaxy product in the above mentioned


I also updated the Tutorials section with a tutorial on installing 8bf  plugins
in different applications. I got some emails from people who  just started with
image editing and had troubles using the plugins  available all over the net.


Last but not, least I placed some information about Filter Formula  (=FiFo), a
plugin similiar to Filter Factory. If you don't know Filter  Factory, it might
be helpfull to know, that the thousends of plugins  available on my FF Index
page were creates with it.  FiFo is a tool for creating your own plugins. You
can recompile  Filter Factory filters with it or create even better ones with
FiFo's  extended possibilities. Version 1.1 of FiFo has just been released. For
a comparison between FiFo and Filter Factory have a look at  the Programming
section of my site. You will find a link to a trial  version of FiFo there, too.

That's all...

Wishing you a Happy Easter, 
Harald Heim

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Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 8/99
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:50:02 -0000


I opened a new section on my site called Painter Stuff that is  dedicated to
Painter materials like papers, brushes, patterns,  gradients, weaves, nozzles
etc. It contains 55 papers for  Metacreation's Painter currently. I also added
only two links to sites with nozzles. Unfortunatelly there  doesn't seem to
exist much stuff on the web for Painter, although it  is a great tool.

I added a link to the free Shadow Plugin for Cool 3D to the Free  Filter page in
the Filters section.

There are also new offers at the Plugin Store.  You can get PSP5 + the book
"PSP5 in 24 Hours" for unbelievable  $59.95 and Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2 (incl.
GIFAnimator) for $74.95  (regularly $149).

There have been some great submissions to the EFG contest at  
this week. Check it out.

Have a nice weekend, 
Harald Heim


Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Newsletter 7/99
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 19:15:17 -0000

Hi Folks,

The FF Index page on my site was updated with the following things:

- David Hull's 3 Dither Filters which are only available for the Mac 
- For everyone, who wasn't able to download Mark's great PageCurl  filter, I 
found a new link that works. 
- Mock's filters are now available as Mac versions, too. 
- Finally I marked 4 links as broken. I hope they will be up again  soon.

I added more links to the Tutorial section: 
- The PSP, Photoshop and Other Tutorials pages have been updated 
- I added a Painter, Corel and Illustrator Tutorials page.

The FFDG (= a mailing list about creating filters) Gallery in the  Gallery
section of my site has been updated. You will find a photo  and a wav file with
my voice there :-)

I also updated the PluginStore with new products and a Top 5 Chart  of last
weeks best selling products.

Last, but not least I got 10 submission to the Edge & Frame Galaxy  Contest. So
the chances to win one of three copies of Macromedia  Fireworks (value $169) is
still big! Especially in the Animation  category, which has only one submission
yet. You can view the images or submit your own contest entry at

I would appreciate any comments on how usefull you consider this  newsletter.

Have a nice week, 
Harald Heim

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unsubscribe hq in the subject field.


Subject: Edge & Frame Galaxy Contest '99 
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 19:38:03 -0000


There haven't been any changes to PlugIn Com HQ this week, but I  found out that
there are some new ff filter available:

- 2 new plugin from the Unplugged set. 
- 36 new filters from the Japanese set (Unfortunatelly the author only  made the 
source available and not the plugin. You will have to  compile them with PiCo' 
FF Editor.)

You can find the links to these filters on the FF Index page in the  filters
section of my site.

Secondly, I'm pleased to announce the Edge & Frame Galaxy  Contest '99. You can
win some nice prizes, including Macromedia  Fireworks 2, when contributing self
created images or gif  animations. You can submit your contest entry or view
already  submitted ones at

The deadline for submissions is end of April 1999. For details read  the
attached text file...

Have a nice weekend, 
Harald Heim (aka Harry the Raver)

Attachments:   D:\EFGContest99.txt


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Newsletter 6/99
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:20:21 -0000


I'm very proud to announce that my first product called Edge & Frame Galaxy 
(EFG) has been released last weekend.

To quote the product description:

"It includes 400 edges and 50 colored frames (in 45 distinct categories) that
can  be used in almost every image, animation or video application, including 
Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact, After Effects,  Adobe
Premiere, Auto F/X Photo/Graphic Edges and Extensis PhotoFrame.

The ways of using the supplied material are as manifold as the contents of this 
package. Besides using them to frame photos, graphics or thumbnails, you can 
use them for creating web buttons, greeting card backgrounds, credits or titles, 
impressive animations or animated GIFs. The sky is the limit with Edge & Frame 

And of course one of the best features of Edge & Frame Galaxy is its  unbeatable
price ? only $19.95."

You can get a demo version with 10 free edges and 3 colored frames at

If you want to earn some money by adding a link to the Edge & Frame Galaxy 
page, please contact me.

Secondly, I'd like to tell you that there's a FF Imaging Contest at

I'm sure some of you are interested in it. You can look at the already submited 
entries there and submit your own entry, if you like. Here are the details:

The First FF Imaging Contest

The contest will be open to anybody who wants to participate. Participants can 
submit up to three entries. Images should be sent in JPEG format with size no 
larger than 640x480, 72 dpi resolution and the smallest file size possible. The 
use of applications to compress the image while retaining quality is encouraged.  

There will be two categories:

- Best Image from Scratch

Image should be created mainly with the use of Filter Factory plugins, starting 
from a white canvas. Other tools present in plugin hosts like photoshop and PSP 
are allowed, with the exception of commercial plugins (KPT, Eye Candy, etc.). 

- Best Image Manipulation

Image should be altered mainly with the use of Filter Factory plugins. Other
tools  present in plugin hosts like photoshop and PSP are allowed, with the
exception  of commercial plugins (KPT, Eye Candy, etc.). Participant should own
the initial  image or use one in the public domain. 

*Selection The images will be exposed in thumbnail format with links to the
larger  images at the pluginhead site ( Votes from
visitors in  the site will be collected and one image will be selected every
month. Images  can be re-submitted for following months. 


Prizes are not decided yet but may consist of:

- a winner banner for your homepage;
- a place in the Best of FF Gallery to be created;
- software prizes e.g. FF CD-ROMs


I found some software offers which I haven't added to my PlugInStore, but I 
thought some of you could be interested.

The RAYflect FourSeason plugin is available for $49 until the 1st March
(normally $59).

RAYflect PhotoTracer's price has been
reduced from $99 to $79.

SPG Webtools Pro 4 is now available for only $79.95 (recently $199).

Last but not least, I added a new Adobe Premiere tutorial page top the utorial 
section. It contains links and description of 13 site containing Premiere tips
and  tutorials.

Have a nice weekend,
Harald Heim (alias Harry the Raver)

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Subject: PlugIn Commander Update
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:49:05 -0000


My site has been updated with a new version of PlugIn Commander.   Version 
0.4.24 is mostly a bug fix update. 

The annoying Overflow error message when switching to FFL View   doesn't  appear
any more. The state of the "Always use passive   pane" check box is now  saved
correctly to the registry. A problem   with the "Change Category" function  has
been removed, so the   categories are now correctly displayed e.g. in Irfan 

Concerning new features: I added more "Tips of the Day". The   coloured menu 
style isn't the default any more, but it can be  activated  in Preferences. When
a ff  filter has no sliders, the plugin  dialog  won't pop up any more (in PSP
or  Photoshop), when saved  with  PiCo. 

Finally, I want to say a big Thanks to all of you who told me about   these 

Enjoy PiCo and have a nice weekend, 


Subject: Plugin Com HQ 5/99 Update
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 20:43:58 -0000

Hio Folks,

Here comes the newest update for two weeks. I added a lot of new  stuff to my 
site in the meantime.

There are 12 new free downloadable plugin sets mentioned in the  Filters
section  of my site:  6 new filter sets on the Filter
Factory  Index page, including two Mac  plugins, and 6 new plugin sets 
mentioned on the Free Filters page, including 2  Photoshop- compatible ones, 1
Illustrator plugin and 4 plugin sets for Adobe   Premiere. 

The Tutorials section has been reworked and enhanced with new 
tutorial links.

Beside my own three tutorial sections, there are now 22 Photoshop  tutorial
sites,  40 Paintshop Pro tutorial sites, 6 Picture Publisher  and 3 other
tutorial sites  mentioned. The effects you can find on  these sites are listed,
too, as usually.

I also opened a new section called BOOKS that lists the books I 
recommend for  different image and video editing applications or  topics e.g.
for Adobe  Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After  Effects, Paintshop Pro, 
Corel Draw, Fractal Design Painter, Digital Photography and Interface

If you should like one of these books, you can directly purchase it  from my site
at a 20% lower price than in a normal book store.  But  you can also do a search
on certain books.

Finally, the Plugin Store section has two changes: 

The price of the Ulead FX Razor product (which includes 5 great  plugin sets 
from Ulead) has been reduced from $89.95 to $69.95.  This product is worth a 

The Powertone (Extended Duotone Generator) plugin has been  added. It allows 
you to combine any two inks to create exciting and  vibrant two-color
separations  called Extended Duotones. Due to a  special agreement with Intense
Software,  you can purchase  Powertone for the reduced price of $199, instead of
regularly  $249.  Please have a look at my site for further details.

To be removed from this newsletter, reply to this email with  'Unsubscribe HQ'
in the subject field.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the web.

P.S. Wishes about content that should
be added to my site are  welcome. And I  would also be interested to know which
pages of  my site you like best.


Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update 4/99
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 15:46:25 -0000

Hi everyone,

The FF Index page in the Filters section of my site was updated
with the 6 Groan Zone filters that produce color effects. The Tutorials
section was updated  with some new PSP tutorials. 

I also added 10 new action to the Action section of my site called

Faded Black Border
Faded White Border
White Border (from Selection)
Black Border (from Selection)
Twirl Edge (from Selection)
Evening Sky
Fire Inferno
Finally the Plugin Store was updated with some new product and a Search function for locating special software offers. When buying products from the Plugin Store page, you will now get Harry's Web Tools, a set of 7 plugins for reducing the size of GIF files up to 25% of the original size. The following new and interesting offers can be found on the Plugin Store page: Paintshop Pro 5 for only $64.95 (regularly $99) Ulead GIF Animator 3 + Cool 3D 2 for only $59.95 Kai's Power Tools 5 for only $123.95 (regularly $199) Extensis PhotoTools 3 for only $142.45 (regularly $149.95) Have a nice weekend, Harry P.S: To unsubscribe from this list, just reply to this email with "unsubscribe hq" in the subject line.



Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update 3/99
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 20:23:12 -0000


I added a new section to my site called Actions, which contains two  Photoshop
action (Drop Shadow, Faded Border) created by myself  and links to sites with
plenty of more actions. I hope you will enjoy  this new section, to which I will
add more actions during the next  weeks.

I also added a link to a site containing some nice gradients on the  Resources
page of the Transitions section. It is marked with a NEW  sign.

Last but not least, I added six new products in the Plugin Store  section: The
Filter Factory CD-ROM (Really worth the $19.95!!!),  Vertigo Hot Text 1.5, Kewl
Packs, RAYflect Phototracer, Ulead FX  Razor and SPG Web Tools.

Have a nice day, 



Subject: PICo 0.4.22 Problems
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:42:10 -0000

Hi everyone,

There has been some trouble with the new version of PiCo. If you  downloaded from my site and experienced error messages,  please download

The reason for this seems to be that the new PiCo version refuses to  work with
old versions of some dll and ocx files. That's why you have  to download the 2.8
MB zip file that contains the newest versions of  these files.

Thank you for your patience. 



Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update  - 2/99
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 17:14:08 -0000

Hi everybody,

My site has been updated with a new PlugIn Commander Version.  The new PiCo has
the version number 0.4.22.

f you already have a PiCo version installed, you just need to  download 
(900 K) and overwrite the older files in the PiCo  folder.

Here's the list of enhancements:

- Enhanced window resizing and faster startup process  
- New "Filter Download" window to directly connect to www sites that contain plugins.  
- "Tip of the Day" window with usefull tips  
- Colored menu items with icons (and styled menu bar items which can be activated 
in Preferences)
- The Search function can now do a case sensitive or insensitiv search.
- "SelectAll" function (press Ctl + A)  
- If  the folder entered in the Select Destination Folder dialog doesn't exist, the user
is asked, if it should be created.  
- Other bugs removed.

I'm looking forward to recieve your feedback. Also if you should  know a Tip of 
the Day that could be added, please write me. 

Have a nice weekend,  

P.S: The downlaod link will be updated in one or two  days. So
please use the link.


Subject: PlugIn Com HQ-"Happy New Year"-Update
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:26:25 -0000

Hi everybody,  

I wish you all a happy and sucessfull new year. Thanks for your enduring
interest in my site. This is the first update in the new year and I'm sure
there will be many new and interesting things on my site throughout 1999. So
let's start:  

The FFL Files page in the Filters section of my site has been renamed to
"Mac Plugs and FFLs", cause it now contains both FFL  files as well
as plugins for Mac users.  

You will discover over 70 new Mac Photoshop plugin from Martijn van der Lee 
there. They were converted from Windows by myself.  

The zip file with the .ffl files that is available on the same page has been
updated, too. "kang.ffl" contains 6 new filters called:  

az-Gen 2 - periwinkle  
dayglo Lavalamp  
the June Taylor microbes  
weaver's moon  

I added a new link to a site (Sapphire Frames) containing free edges and
frames at the bottom of the Edge & Frame section. The Link is
marked with a NEW sign.  

Also, the Quick Tips on applying edges have been replaced by the    
following new and extensive tutorials:  

Adobe Premiere Edge Tutorial   
After Effects Edge Tutorial   
Photoshop Edge Tutorial   
Paintshop Pro 5 Edge Tutorial   
Corel Photo-Paint Edge Tutorial   

Aditionally I increased the number of bonus edges for buyers of PhotoGraphic
Edges 4. So if you decide to buy PGE 4 with my order code you will get
100 additional edges (that aren't available on my site)
from me. If you love edges and frame effects this plugin is  something you need
to have. I use it myself very often and I'm very satisfied with it.  

The Free Filters page in the Filters section of my site has been    
updated with a new set of plugins: The Panorama Tools allow you to
generate, edit and transform many kinds of panoramic images.    
They are available for both Windows and the Mac and really worth the

Happy surfing.  

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UNSUBSCRIBE HQ in the subject line.  


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Update
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 17:54:04 -0000


This is just a quick update. There will be a new update of my site   before
Christmas again, I think.

Maybe not everyone knew, that the 50 edges that are downloadable   from the
Edge & Frame section of my site, can be used on the    Macintosh,
too. I mentioned it now on this page and also corrected    the Quick Tips that
explain how to apply the edges in Photoshop and  PSP 5. 

There's a new tutorial on the PiCo Tutorial page. It explains how
to    convert FFL files to plugins and it is in japanese language. So it   
probably won't be that interesting for the majority of people :-) 

On the Free Filters page in the Filters section you will find three   
new plugin packages mentioned. Fistly AlienSkin's Xenofex demo,    cause two of
their 16 filters work, secondly the Swap and the Vivit    plugins (Windows only)
from Flaming Pear. They are marked with a  "New" sign. 

The Tutorial section has also been updated with a site that offers   
PhotoImpact tutorials. It is marked with the "New" sign. 

Have a nice time, 

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Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 19:04:43 -0000

Hi everyone,

52 of my 55 filters are now available as Macintosh versions. You  can find them
in the Filters section of my site under Harry's Filters.  The downloadable sit
archive is quite large with its 2 MBs compared  to the Windows self-extracting

Do you already have Christmas present for yourself :-? No? Then  have a look at
the Plugin Store section of my site.

Have a nice time, 


Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 19:21:21 -0000


There has been a new update of my site today. I changed the design of the  main
page. Now it downloads/displays at twice the speed as before and you  don't need
to scroll anymore to reach all the sub pages (unless you are using a  640x480
screen resolution).
Comments on the new look are welcome.

Secondly, I added a link to 3 new free plugins
Filter Formula Example Filters on the "Free Filters"
page in the Filters section.

Last but not least, I've updated my own filters ("Harry's Filters" page in the
Filters  section). I optimized 8 of my plugins to work faster. My "Chaos
Gradients" and  "MixBeam Gradients" filters are even enhanced with new features.

The Adobe Premiere versions of my filters aren't updated yet. I will do that

Thanks for your attention,
Harald Heim aka Harry the Raver

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in the subject line.



Subject: PlugIn Com HQ Update of the Year
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 13:50:24 -0000


This is the hugest update I've ever done to PlugIn Com HQ. There's  a lot of new 
stuff and pages available at now.  There have been some 
problems with my ftp location in the last  days, but they are sorted out now.

I've released a new version of my Plugin Commander (PiCo) with 
some new  features and bug fixes. If you want to get informed more  detailed
about PiCo  Updates, please tell me or subscribe on the  PiCo page and I will
put you on the  PiCo Update list.

There have been two new pages added to the Filters section. the  Free
Filters  page contains links to free plugins (that weren't 
created with Filter Factory) and  the Trial Plugins page contains 
links to trial versions of Photoshop compatible  plugins from over 80 
companies. The zip file that is downloadable from the FFL  Files 
page contains some new Toadies filters.

The Filter Factory Index page has been reworked and cleaned up. 
Every filter  collection is now rated with one, two or three plugin  stars to
give you a hint  which plugins are worth the download and  with which you should
wait untill later.  There's another symbol that  indicates, if there are
Macintosh versions available  (3 collections at  the moment) and last but not
least, the "New" symbol indicates   newly available filters. This times the
following filter collections are  new or have  been updated:

- Balder Olrik
- Mac's Filters (nice Page Curl!!!)
- NVR Bordermania 3
- Toadies

The Plugin of the Month page has been updated, too. The new  plugin
of the  month is called Photo/Graphic Edges 4.0 and allows  you to enhance your
photos and web graphics. I'm using this  fabulous tool myself often. As usual
there's a special offer for the plugin of the month: If you order it with my order
code, you will get a free CD-ROM with 5000 photos from Auto F/X and 50  additional
edges (that are not available on my site) from myself. 

Speaking of edges, I've put up a new section called 
"Edges/Frames/Masks"  that contains over 50 downloadable edges  and links
to other free edges, frames  or masks. Have a look. (The  sample picture of the
door edges shows my face,  by the way :-)

And finally the Tutorials section and the Programming section  have
been  updated.

Have a nice day,



Subject: Plugin Com HQ Update
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 13:49:57 -0000

Hi everybody,

thanks for your interest in my site and the many compliments I  recived from
you. There has been no update, while I was on holidays. But now after collecting
some new stuff, i decided to update Plugin Com HQ again.

So here are the changes:

Over 150 freely downloadable filters have been added to the : 13 new Balder 
Olrik filters, 6 new Feiyang filters,  the Rorshack filter and 140 new Andrew 
filters. You can download  the new Andrew filters from the section.

I've uploaded three tutorials on using gradients in Adobe Premiere and updated
the page. I also added a few new links to the page.

There will be a new  soon. So if you still want  to get the "Webwise Totality" 
plugin from Auto FX for the special  prize of $89 (regularly $129), please hurry.

Best Wishes, 


Subject: Plugin Com HQ Update
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 12:58:15 +0200


I uploaded a page with previews of our Video FX Factory CD-ROM
that will be released soon and that will contain over 1000 effects for
digital video editing.

The page is accessible from the Filters and Transitions section of
my site. You can also subscribe there to get a message when the
CD is available.


Still got questions ?