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Plugin Newsletter - September/October 2012




: Forget Photoshop's Filter Menu with this Powerful Replacement

TPS PANEL 1.50 UPDATE: Fast Startup & Support for Photoshop CS6 and ColorStyler

POLL RESULT: For what purpose do you use Photoshop Plugins?

NEW POLLS: What kind of Photoshop extensions would you like to see from The Plugin Site?

THE DISCUSSION FORUMS: Framing Action, Timestamp Removal

FREE PLUGINS AND TOOLS: Jazzman’s Filters, Quick Pattern & Noise Shampoo 3, Adobe Interpolate, Nvidia Texture Tools, ACDSee Free

GRAPHICS NEWS: Nik Acquired by Google, Photoshop Elements 11, DxO ViewPoint



Dear Reader,

After updating the free ThePluginSite Panel an idea got hold of me, which I have had since the first release of ThePluginSite Panel in 2009, the idea of a panel that can run all Photoshop filters and offer many additional features. So I decided to finally work on it, which resulted in creation of the new FilterHub product. It is based on the ThePluginSite Panel, but FilterHub was improved greatly, so that it scans all plugins in the fraction of a second and offers many new features. Some people may compare FilterHub to Plugin Commander, but it is actually quite a different beast. It runs inside Photoshop and enhances the abilities of Photoshop filters, thus making them even more powerful.

In the aftermath of FilterHub new pages with links to free and commercial Photoshop panels will soon be added to The Plugin Site. Additionally a new section about Photoshop panel extensions is planed for the Plugins Essentials article. Other Photoshop panel products may be developed by The Plugin Site in future, so please participate in our latest poll and let us know which one you would like.

Kindest regards,
Harald Heim

The Plugin Site





Forget Photoshop's Filter Menu with this Powerful Replacement


FilterHub is a panel extension for Photoshop CS4, CS5 and CS6 that runs under Windows and MacOS X. It is a powerful replacement for Photoshop's Filter menu and offers many additional advantages. FilterHub supports built-in Photoshop filters (from the Filter and Adjustments menus), filter plugins and third-party automation plugins.

FilterHub lets you access your filters and plugins faster and more conveniently, e.g. by running them with a simple double click. You can make FilterHub display all installed filters, show only third-party plugins, enter key words to display only certain filters or add your preferred filters to a favorites list.

FilterHub additionally allows you to apply the last effect of any filter (not just the last used one) without displaying its dialog and enables you to paint or erase filter effects with the brush tool. Even more, it runs multiple filters (from the favorites list) with one click, renders the same filter effect on multiple layers in one pass or both: It applies multiple filters on multiple layers with one click.

FilterHub can automatically create a duplicated layer, a merged copy of all layers (stamped layer), a smart object or flatten the image before running a filter, which can be very handy. FilterHub also applies all filters to smart objects, even those that are disabled on the Filter menu. Furthermore, if a filter does not support the current image mode, FilterHub automatically displays a list of supported modes, preselects the best suited one and converts the image accordingly. So you do not need to try out different modes until you find the right one.

For a full feature list, screenshots and a web demo see
FilterHub product pages




Fast Startup & Support for Photoshop CS6 and ColorStyler

ThePluginSite Panel (for Win/Mac) is the predecessor and free version of the new FilterHub product. Unlike FilterHub it only supports our own plugins and offers fewer features. One of its inconveniences, the long startup time, caused by the slow plugin scanning, was mainly fixed with this new 1.50 release. When running it for the first time it still needs several seconds to launch, but it starts up almost instantly from the second time on. Only if you installed a new plugin from The Plugin Site, you have to click the Rescan button to find the new plugin.

ThePluginSite Panel 1.50 supports ColorStyler and stays in style with the dark UI of Photoshop CS6. Double clicking a list item now runs the appropriate plugin. If you enjoyed ThePluginSite Panel so far, we recommend that you have a look at the new FilterHub tool.
For more information and for downloading this free extension for Photoshop CS4-CS visit
TPS Panel product page




For what purpose do you use Photoshop Plugins?

338 votes were collected in the last poll about plugin usage. Here are the results:

1. Creative Expression: Producing artistic images for their own sake 41.7%
2. Personal: Using images for personal matters 32.8%
3. Commercial: Creating or improving images for earning money with them 10%

4. Journalistic: Enhancing images for documenting something 4.7%
5. Other 4.4%
6. Educational: Editing images for teaching purposes 3.8%
7. Scientific/Technical: Processing images with the aim of gathering information 2.3%

Almost 75% of all voters use Photoshop plugins for creative and personal purposes. Only 10% use it commercially. Another 11% voted for journalistic, educational, scientific and technical purposes. Either The Plugin Site does not attract many professional designers and photographers or these pros are a smaller part of all Photoshop plugin users. My own experience and our plugin sales tell me that the second statement is probably true. So producing only plugins that are affordable for professional users would ignore a large part of the user base.

For more poll results please visit the
Resources section



What kind of Photoshop extensions would you like to see from The Plugin Site?

Having warmed up with the development of the new FilterHub panel we are exploring ideas for other potential panel extensions, either free or commercial. So we are interested in knowing what kind of panels you would like to have developed by The Plugin Site. You can choose between 15 proposed products and an Other option, whose text field lets you enter your own suggestion.

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Framing Action, Timestamp Removal

Here are some of the latest posts on the forums:

Framing Action
ScotsDave wrote: "I used to have a Photoshop Action that would copy an image, paste & resize it then blur the larger back image allowing you to rotate the smaller inner frame but cannot find it to reload and cannot remember the name of it. Does anyone know the Action I am talking about or something similar that will make to picture inside a pic etc.?"

Timestamp Removal
Methen wrote: "Does anyone know a good filter that will remove timestamps ? I use both psp version 6.03 and psp version 7.04"


Feel free to post comments or start a discussion topic at
The Plugin Site Forum



Jazzman’s Filters, Quick Pattern & Noise Shampoo 3, Adobe Interpolate, Nvidia Texture Tools, ACDSee Free

Jazzman’s Filters offers seven Photoshop plugins (for Windows). The Histogram equalization plugin adjusts the image contrast, Jazzman’s Colour Magic plugin replaces colors while retaining saturation and brightness, Graphic Spell adds text to images including text effects, Fast Blur produces blurring and blending effects, Unsharp Mask applies a classical sharpening effect, White Balance fixes the white balance of an image and last but not least the Enumerator plugin adds number labels to an image. Jazzman’s Filters are free for non-commercial use, but there is no payment link for commercial users yet.
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Mehdi updated his Mehdi Plugins (for Windows). There is a new plugin named Quick Pattern (bundled with Quick Mirror) and Version 3 of Noise Shampoo includes a new algorithm and UI change. Additionally all plugins are now compatible with Photoshop CS6. The HSL Plus, Color Megabit, Contrast Balance and Absolute Color plugins include a new out of gamut clipping method. The Blots plugin has a transparency bug fixed.
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Adobe released the free Interpolate extension for Photoshop CS6 (for MacOS X only) that provides two filters for smoothly blending between colors. The Interpolate filter fills the transparent areas of the current layer with a smooth mix of the colors in the opaque areas. The Match Edges filter changes the colors at the edges of the current layer to match those of the layer below it and smoothly distributes this change through the layer.
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The NVIDIA Texture Tools for Photoshop (for Windows) now offer support for Photoshop CS5.1 and CS6 and support 64-bit. NVIDIA Texture Tools consists of two filters and two scripts for normal map generation.
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ACDSee Free is the free edition (for Windows) of the commercial ACDSee software. ACDSee Free is a very fast image viewer for scrolling through your images, zooming in and out and printing them. It supports over 11 file types, e.g. BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PIC, MY and EMF. You can also rotate your photos and copy or save them to another folder.
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For more free plugins and tool, please visit the
Resources section




Nik Acquired by Google, Photoshop Elements 11, DxO ViewPoint

Nik Software has recently been acquired by Google after 17 years in the business. It seems that Google was mainly interested in the Snap seed software and wanted to respond to Facebook's acquisition of Integral. As can be read from the comments on the announcement page, most Nik users fear that Google will discontinue or at least lower the quality of Nik's professional products. On the other hand the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google posted that they are "going to continue offering and improving Nik's high-end tools and plug-ins". It will also be interesting to see if the is version of Snap seed will remain or will be replaced by an Android version. Only time will tell.
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (for Win/Mac) offers a brighter UI with larger icons and font. It contains new Quick, Guided and Expert modes, a new Actions Panel, new Lens Blur, Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen & Ink filters as well as the Refine Edge dialog known from Photoshop. Photoshop Elements 11 now also supports geotagging.
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DxO ViewPoint is a Photoshop Plugin, Lightroom editor and standalone program (for Win/Mac) for correcting wide-angle distortions in photos and for fixing problems with keystoning and tilted horizons. It can use the EXIF information for automatic correction but also offers manual adjustments.
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