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Plugin Newsletter - August / September 2010




PHOTOWIZ FOR WINDOWS: Plugin updates and new Standalone/Lightroom versions

PLUGIN GALAXY FOR WINDOWS: Version 2.01 with several nice new features

PLUGIN COMMANDER: Version 1.61 installs and runs more reliably

TPS PANEL: Version 1.04 supports Photoshop CS5 and new plugin updates

POLL RESULTS: Which is your favorite masking tool?

NEW POLL: Do you use Lightroom as well as Photoshop for processing your photos?

THE DISCUSSION FORUMS: New Lightroom Forum Sections, The Ulead Story

FREE PLUGINS AND TOOLS: Kill White, Refocus DC, Big PNG, CollageIt, Pola, Corel MediaOne 2 Starter

GRAPHICS NEWS: Photoshop CS5 Update, Lightroom/Camera Raw Update, Bokeh 2, PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate, Nikon Photo Contest






Dear Reader,

The Plugin Newsletter took a summer break, but we were not lazy. A lot of updates of our products became available as you can see below. With the release of the Standalone and Lightroom versions of our PhotoWiz plugins, more resources concerning standalone tools and Lightroom add-ons will be added to The Plugin Site and also mentioned in this newsletter. There are already two new sections for Lightroom users on The Plugin Site Forum. So hopefully The Plugin Site will become more interesting for other user groups.

Kind Regards
Harald Heim

The Plugin Site




Plugin updates and new Standalone/Lightroom versions

New Windows updates of the ColorWasher, FocalBlade, LightMachine, B/W Styler and ContrastMaster plugins were released. The main goal of these releases was to align the user interface of all PhotoWiz plugins. The main improvements are the following: new tool bar, selection display in the preview, faster sample area/split view/spot movement, maximize/exit buttons, Instant Preview feature, new key shortcuts, silent installation and Prefs saving on Cancel.

Standalone/Lightroom versions of these five PhotoWiz plugins were released too. They consist of a standalone application and an external editor for Adobe Lightroom. Both let you open and edit multiple images non-destructively as well as batch save them. The standalone supports Camera Raw, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and other image formats and can be (mis)used as a raw converter.

For more information and for a demo download visit

The PhotoWiz page



Version 2.01 with several nice new features

Version 2.01 of Plugin Galaxy for Windows contains the following main improvements: A 64-bit version is available, it renders 1.5 to 4 times faster, features an interactive preview cross, displays selection in the preview and offers 23 new presets. The update is free for registered users of Plugin Galaxy 2.

The Plugin Galaxy 2.01 demo version offers four free effects (Fusion>PopArt and Zoom), which do not add a watermark when used.

For more information and for a download see

The Plugin Galaxy page



Plugin updates and new Standalone/Lightroom versions

Version 1.61 of Plugin Commander for Windows contains various installer improvements and bug fixes to make it install and work more reliably. Additionally Plugin Commander now supports visual styles.

Plugin Commander lets you edit, convert, preview and run Photoshop plugins and also supports various other plugin types. The Light Version of Plugin Commander is free, the Pro version is commercial.

The Plugin Commander page



Version 1.04 supports Photoshop CS5 and new plugin updates

ThePluginSite Panel is a free flash panel for Photoshop (for Win/MacOS X). It allows you to apply all Photoshop plugins created by The Plugin Site in a very convenient way. Version 1.04 now works in both Photoshop CS4 and CS5. It was also updated for the latest plugin releases.

For more information and for a demo download visit

The TPS Panel page



Which is your favorite masking tool?

415 people participated in the masking tool poll. Here are the results:

1. Photoshop: 42%, 176 votes
2. Paint Shop Pro: 15%,61 votes

3. Topaz Remask: 7%, 30 votes
4. Photoshop Elements: 7%, 28 votes
5. OnOne Mask Pro: 6%, 25 votes
6. Photoshop's Extract plugin: 6%, 24 votes
7. AKVIS SmartMask: 5%, 20 votes
8. Vertus Fluid Mask: 4%, 17 votes
9. Corel Knock Out: 3%, 11 votes
10. Other: 3%, 11 votes

11. DFT EZ Mask / Power Mask: 1%, 6 votes
12. ImageSkill Background Remover: 1%, 3 votes
13. GrowCut: 0%, 2 votes
14. GML Matting: 0%, 1 votes

More than 2/3 of all users are content with the masking features of their graphics application. Those people who use masking plugins favor Remask, Mask Pro, Smart Mask, Fluid Mask and Knock Out.

For more poll results please visit the
Resources section



Do you use Lightroom as well as Photoshop for processing your photos?

Actually this poll about Photoshop/Lightroom usage was already done two years ago, but a lot can happen within two years. So it will be interesting to see if more user moved in one or the other direction. There are five choices: either that you use only Photoshop or only Lightroom, both evenly or one more than the other.

Please vote here...



New Lightroom Forum Sections, The Ulead Story

There are two new forums about Adobe Lightroom available now:

Lightroom (for discussing Lightroom related things)
Lightroom Add-ons (for discussing add-ons, plugins and external editors for Lightroom)

Here is an interesting post on the forum:

The Ulead Story
ddurso wrote: "What's the story on Ulead? I know Ulead is kind of low end, but I really liked all the programs. I found it easy to use and it has (or had) tons of stuff in the application. ... Somewhere along the line there seemed to be some kind of virtual turf battle and about the time that Corel wound up with it and started taking it apart it pretty much turned to junk. ..."

For discussions and asking questions please visit
The Plugin Site Forum



Kill White, Refocus DC, Big PNG, CollageIt, Pola, Corel MediaOne 2 Starter

Kill White is a plugin (for Windows) that makes white color in an image transparent. There is also a Pixel Bender version that can also be used on the Mac. There are also four free scripts for Photoshop on the same web site.
Visit website...

The Refocus DC plugin (for Windows) repairs blurred unfocused images. It works only for slightly blurred images and offers a deblurring radius of up to 10 pixels. It claims to be an advanced version of the Remove Lens Blur option of Photoshop's Smart Sharpen filter.
Visit website...

Big PNG is a file format plugin (for Win/Mac) that is faster than Photoshop's built-in PNG format and supports 16 bit images. Additionally it allows opening and saving PNG image files that are larger than 30,000 pixel on one side. Several of the other plugins of Telegraphics are now also available as a 64-bit Windows and Mac version.
Visit website...

CollageIt is a free collage maker (for Windows) which automatically creates a collage out of multiple photos. There are a few parameters like space, margin, rotation, sparse, shadow and frame that influence how the photos are distributed. But the photos are distributed more or less randomly and you cannot change their position manually.
Visit website...

Pola is a tool (for Win/Mac/Linux) that simulates the look of polaroids. It is more a toy than serious software and the user interface needs familiarization. The Pola window looks like a Polaroid and you have to drag and drop an image on it. Pola automatically saves the result in the same folder as the image file. Unfortunately the output size of the image is limited to 410x497 pixel. Additionally you can add some text below the Polaroid if you click on the bottom border of the window.
Visit website...

Corel MediaOne 2 Starter is a free digital image editing and management tool (for Windows). It lets you create multimedia slide shows and scrapbooks, search for photos, add picture frames and text, remove blemishes, whiten teeth or paint on a sun tan, watch and trim video clips and save video frames as a still pictures. As Corel does not offer it for download anymore, you can get it from these web sites:
Download Site 1...
Download Site 2...
Download Site 3...

For more free plugins and tool, please visit the
Resources section



Photoshop CS5 Update, Lightroom/Camera Raw Update, Bokeh 2, PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate, Nikon Photo Contest

The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.1 update (Photoshop CS5) offers increased performance and fixes crashes, error messages and UI problems among other problems.
Windows download...
Mac download...

The Lightroom 3.2 and Camera Raw 6.2 updates include support for 16 new popular camera models including the Canon EOS 60D and Sony Alpha NEX. 120 new lens profiles are also included. The Lightroom 3.2. allows publishing directly to Facebook and SmugMug. It also addresses a number of issues reported by customers.
Visit website...

Alien Skin Software released Bokeh 2, a new version of its lens simulation software. Support for Lightroom and a 64-bit Photoshop version are included. Multiple focus regions are supported and there are new focus region shapes. The preview reacts much faster and more interactive.
Visit website...

Corel announced the release of Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate. Apart from PSP X3 it contains an extended set of tools including KPT Collection, Painter Essentials 4 and a 144-page manual.
Visit website...

The 33rd Nikon Photo Contest International accepts entries by November 30, 2010. Over 51,000 photos were submitted to the previous contest two years ago. There are two contest categories: a free subject category and one called "Energy". 53 prizes are awarded by a panel of international photographers. An exhibition of the winning photographs is planned.
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