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Order Information / Terms & Conditions

Ordering Online, by Fax or Phone

Ordering online is the fastest method and most convenient option. More than 99% of our orders are placed online. If you want to order online, please use the order form.

If you want to order by phone, please fill out the order form, select "By Phone" as the Payment Option and press the Continue button. You will then receive instructions for ordering by phone at the MyCommerce payment service.

If you want to order by check or bank/wire transfer, please use the order form, select MyCommerce as payment option and press the Continue button. On the next page fill out the form and choose "Wire transfer" or "Check" as payment option.

Payment Options

You have two possibilities to pay for our products. You can pay via the PayPal or via the MyCommerce (formerly Element5) service. Both use secure servers for online payment.

PayPal allows you to pay from your PayPal account or by using VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Discover credit cards, echeck and recently also bank transfer. So if you are already a PayPal member, you should definitely order via PayPal. PayPal only allows to pay online, so if you want to pay by fax, phone, postal mail or want to use a different payment method, please use MyCommerce. For more information about Paypal, please visit the Paypal Help Center.

MyCommerce allows you to pay online, but also by phone, fax or postal mail. Payment options include VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Solo, Switch, bank/wire transfer, US money order and check. For more information about MyCommerce, please visit the MyCommerce Help Center.

License Types

All licenses are perpetual licenses, so you can use our software indefinitely. For a regular user-license please use the order form. If you would like to get a academic/educational/student license of our products (usually for a 40% reduced price), please scan a document that proves that you are eligible for this license type as a GIF or JPG file and keep it ready. Then please contact us to get further instructions. If you want to get a site license or multi-user license of our products please contact us. Site licenses are cheaper than purchasing several regular licenses.

License Agreements

The license agreement of our software products contains the following conditions (which are accepted by installing our software): If you purchase one license/copy of our software, you are allowed to install it on one computer on which everyone can use it. But the person who owns the license is also allowed to install it on a second computer (e.g. for home use), but only the license owner is allowed to use it on the second computer and noone else. If you want a second person to use our software on a second computer, you have to purchase two copies/licenses of the software and so on.

Our discontinued royalty-free image collections had a different license agreement, which was included on the CD or DVD. This license agreements excluded using the images for certain purposes that would have threaten our revenue from the products. Please read the license agreement carefully and please contact us if something is unclear.


The following discounts are automatically added when ordering:

Total Value
2 or more items
more than $65
2 or more items
more than $125
2 or more items
more than $165
2 or more items
more than $225
2 or more items
more than $265

If you buy two or more items worth more than $65 in total, you will be granted a $10 discount. For two or more items worth more than $125 in total, we grant a $15 discount. If you order two or more items exceeding $165 in total, you will get a $20 discount. You will get a $25 or $30 discount if you order two or more items worth more than $225 or $265.


If you are located in a country of the European Union (EU), you have to additionally pay value added tax (VAT). The VAT rate of Germany (16%) will be charged when ordering via Paypal. You may pay a higher or lower VAT rate if you order via MyCommerce and live in another EU country. If you run a business in an EU country (except Germany) and have a VAT ID, you can avoid paying the VAT. If you are located in Germany, you will have to pay 16% VAT even if you have a VAT ID, but you can get back the VAT with your "Umsatzsteuererklärung".

If you order via MyCommerce, you just need to enter your VAT ID on the MyCommerce order form.

If you want to order via Paypal, you have two choices: You can order via Paypal, pay the VAT amount and afterwards contact us to get a refund for the VAT amount. Or you can contact us before ordering and then order without paying the VAT amount. In both cases please contact us with the following information: VAT ID Number, Company Name, Type of Company (legal form, e.g. Limited, SARL), City, Postal Code and Street plus Street Number. After we verified the validity of your data, we will send your an URL for ordering via Paypal (MyCommerce doesn't offer that yet).

Sales Tax

If you order via MyCommerce and are located in Maryland or Minnesota in the USA, you have to pay sales tax, because Digital River, the mother company of MyCommerce, is registered in these two US states. If you want to avoid paying sales tax, please use our Paypal payment service.

No CD Shipping

We do not ship CDs of our products since December 2014 anymore, because the demand for it decreased to nearly zero. If you think you can only receive our products on CD, please contact us.


You will usually get the download instructions right after ordering if you order online and use a credit card, UK bank card or money from an existing Paypal account. The download instructions for the ordered product(s) will then be displayed in your browser within seconds after your order was processed. If that should not happen, please check your emails, because you will also get the download instructions by email at the same time. If there are problems with your credit card or any other problems with your order, it may take up to 24 hours until you get your download instructions.

Orders by mail, phone and fax may need some time until they are processed. If you use echeck (via Paypal), check, cash or wire/bank transfer as payment options, you will get the product after the money was transferred which can take a few days.

Order Cancellation & Refund

Please download demo versions of our products from our Download Center and test them thoroughly before ordering. That will keep you from experiencing unexpected surprises.

If you ordered a product but did not download its full version yet, you can cancel your order if you contact us within 14 days. If you already downloaded the full version or if more than 14 days passed since the order, you can nevertheless request a refund by letting us know your reason(s). We will then try to resolve the issue and find a satisfying solution.

Upgrade/Crossgrade Policy

Minor updates like 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 2.01, 2.02, 3.01, 3.02 and so on are free. Major upgrades like 2.0, 3.0 require an upgrade fee that is between 33% and 50% of the product price. You can be sure that our major upgrades contain many essential new features. We don't release any upgrades that only have a few less important features. Such things are included in the free updates. So you certainly get something in return for your upgrade fee.

If you purchased an individual product 4 to 6 months before a major upgrade, you will get the upgrade for free (or for the price difference if the product price has increased). So you don't have to worry that you buy version 1 this week and have to pay an upgrade fee for version 2 next week. For product bundles a grace period of only 4 weeks applies, because the product bundles are already heavily reduced in price.

If you switched from Windows to Mac or vise versa, you can get a crossgrade for a small fee. Please contact us in this case.

Product Updates & Redownload

After you purchased a product you will be added to our database of registered customers. When a new version of the product(s) that you ordered is released, you will receive the update information via email. So please make sure that we always have your latest working email address. Please contact us when your email address has changed and include the following information: your name, your old email address, your new email address and the name of the product(s) you ordered. Please also make sure that your or your provider's anti-spam tools don't block emails from us.

If you lost a product or if did not receive the latest update, please use the Customer Download form to request a new download link.

Want to know more?

If you should have any problems or questions concerning ordering, please contact us.


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