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Enhanced with AdjustShop
  Photo: studio10artur / Pond5    

Example 1

  Six different AdjustShop effects were applied to the image.
  Photo: elwynn / pixmac    

Example 2

  The Cool-Warm preset of AdjustShop's Photo Gradient effect was applied with an increasesed Amount setting.

Example 3

  The Color Adjust effect of AdjustShop was applied. The Type radio button was set to "Black & White" and the Yellow slider of the Color tab sheet was used to create this selective black & white effect.
  Photo: Roberto Muscia    

Example 4

  The Micro Contrast effect of AdjustShop enhances the texture of the ice.
  Photo: Igor Stepovik / pixmac    

Example 5

  The Summer Colors feature of AdjustShop's Creative Colors dialog produced a more natural looking skin tone.
Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 6

  The Photo Gradient effect of AdjustShop with the Tabacco preset applied.
  Photo: Margo Harrison / pixmac    

Example 7

  The 2D Gradient effect of AdjustShopset set to Overlay. A blue color spot was added to the horse, a red one to the cowboy and two yellow ones on the floor.
  Photo: Opolja / Dreamstime    

Example 8

  The Frame effect of AdjustShop can be seen here. Afterwards Highpass Sharpen was applied.
  Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 9

  The green color cast was removed with the Color Correction effect by clicking on the snow with the eyedropper tool. Afterwards the dark areas were brightened with the Tonal Adjust effect.
  Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 10

  The Micro Contrast effect of AdjustShop brings out the details in photos.

Example 11

  The Highpass Sharpen effect of AdjustShop was applied with a high amount and low radius setting.
  Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 12

  By setting the Ambience slider to 100 the Lighting Effects dialog of AdjustShop can be used to selectively brighten image areas with light spots.

Example 13

  The Antialias effect of AdjustShop creates sketch or water painting effects when applied to color images. Here the Colors slider was set to 0 to remove all color.

Example 14

  The Tonal Adjust effect of AdjustShop was applied to the shadows and brightened up the black silhouette of the church. Afterwards Tonal Adjust was applied to the highlights to give the sky a more blue look.
  Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 15

  The Vignette effect was applied to center the focus on the small figurine.
  Photo: Harald Heim    

Example 16

  The RGB, Cyan and Saturation channels of the Levels effect of AdjustShop were used to increase contrast, improve the sky color and boost the saturation. Afterwards the Glow effect was applied to make the clouds look more fluffy.


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