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Version History



Version 1.05 for Windows (October 2020)

  • Support for Photoshop 2021 and Photoshop Elements 2021
  • Support for launching 13 AdjustShop filters from FiterHub
  • The Enter and Esc keys can now be used to apply or exit the "Add Color Lookup Pattern" and "Export > Color Lookup Table" dialogs.
  • The slider bars on the Hue tab sheet of the Color Adjust dialog are less saturated and the slider knobs change their color when they are non-zero.
  • Bug Fix: The following filters now work correctly when the maximum number of history steps is reached: Fill Flash, HDR Toning, Highpass Sharpen, Lighting Effects, Micro Contrast.
  • Bug Fix: The following filters do not block some key shortcuts anymore after running them: Antialias, Clarity, Fill Flash, HDR Toning, Highpass Sharpen, Micro Contrast.
  • Bug Fix: Micro Contrast shows a more accurate preview for the Grainy method.
  • Bug Fix: The color property is now correctly transfered when using the "Paste To All Lights" sub menu on the Lighting Effects icon menu
  • Bug Fix: The "Paste All Properties to" sub menu on the Lighting Effects icon menu works now.
  • Bug Fix: All radio buttons of a group are now correctly displayed when one is clicked.
  • Bug Fix: Some presets did not appear in Photoshop 2020


Version 1.04 for Windows (July 2020)

  • Fill Flash, HDR Toning and Highpass Sharpen render faster after clicking OK. They also do not block some RAM anymore when using a preview image.
  • Support for LayerShop 2: A surplus menu separation line is not displayed anymore.
  • Disabled buttons are displayed more faded
  • Bug Fix: Previously clicking the Cancel button on the Antialias dialog applied the effect anyway.
  • Bug Fix: The following filters do not block some key shortcuts anymore after running them: Antialias, Clarity, Fill Flash, HDR Toning, Highpass Sharpen, Micro Contrast
  • Bug Fix: If ElementsXXL 7 or higher is installed, double clicking a Curves adjustment layer in the Layers panel does not open AdjustShop's Curves dialog anymore. Instead the Curves feature of ElementsXXL is used.
  • Bug Fix: If ElementsXXL 7 or higher is installed, the Ctrl + M key shortcut does not execute AdjustShop's Curves dialog anymore. Instead the Curves feature of ElementsXXL is used.
  • Bug Fix: Potential crash on exit problem was removed.
  • Bug Fix: A localization problem was fixed


Version 1.03 for Windows (March 2020)

  • Support for Edge & Frame Galaxy 2: Adjustshop does not block double clicking the Edge & Frame Galaxy fill layer anymore.
  • Frame:
    • If Center Mask is active, the Drop Shadow controls now produce an inner shadow.
    • If Center Mask is active, the Size slider now sizes the frame itself and not the inner masking area.
  • The Clarity filters only works in Photoshop CS6 and higher, so it is not useable in older Photoshop versions anymore.
  • Bug Fix: It is not possible to open more than one HistogramXXL/Scopes panel anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Localization problem in Photoshop fixed.


Version 1.02 for Windows (January 2020)

  • For some dialogs the OK and Cancel buttons do not work anymore while the preview is rendered, which avoids problems like a closed document or left-over layer. This precaution is applied to: Anti-Alias, Clarity, Frame, Fill Flash, HDR Toning, Highpass Sharpen, Match Color, Micro-Contrast etc.
  • Frame:
    • The Frame effect does not use a preview image anymore. This avoid wait time when displaying and exiting the dialog.
    • The effect is not rendered again unnecessarily when clicking Cancel on the Open file dialog or when editing the fill layer is initiated.
    • No screen flashing anymore when displaying the Frame dialog in Photoshop Elements.
    • Bug Fix: User-saved preset files did not store the edge file path in the preset path, so when opening them again the edge was not automatically opened.
    • Bug Fix: Longer frame file names are not cut off anymore.
    • Bug Fix: When opening a preset, the corresponding frame name is now displayed.
  • Bug Fix: Auto Saturation does not crash anymore when applied to a 16-bit/channel layer.
  • Bug Fix: In Photoshop the following Split Layer features now work with 16-bit/channel images: CMYK, Lab, YCbCr, HSL, Color & Luminance.
  • Bug Fix: The AdjustShop Preferences dialog works correctly again.
  • Bug Fix: Navigating certain combo boxes with the cursor keys works now


Version 1.01 for Windows (October 2019)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 2020 and Photoshop CC 2020

  • Compatibility with ElementsXXL 7 in Photoshop Elements:
    • Support for launching the filters and fill/adjustment layers of AdjustShop from the Adjustments panel feature of ElementsXXL 7.
    • When using ElementsXXL 7 and Adjustshop 1.01 (and higher) together in Photoshop Elements the following features are now displayed by ElementsXXL 7: Curves, Fill Flash (filter only), HDR Toning (filter only), Micro Contrast, Clarity, Highpass Sharpen (filter only), Match Color, Lighting Effects (filter only), Antialias, Split Layer.
    • Bug Fix: The Retro B&W menu item is correctly placed if ElementsXXL is not installed.
  • Filters & Adjustment Layers:
    • Tonal Adjust now supports an existing selection. You can create a selection before applying the filter for targeting certain image areas even better.
    • In Photoshop Elements the following filters are now disabled for 16-bit images because they do not support them: HDR Toning, Fill Flash, Tonal Adjust, Glow, Frame
    • Support for saving/restoring filter settings when exiting and restarting Photoshop Elements. The following features support it: Highpass Sharpen, Antialias, Fill Flash, HDR Toning, Clarity, Micro Contrast
    • The following features now display a progress bar during rendering: HDR Toning, Fill Flash, Highpass Sharpen, Micro Contrast, Antialias, Grain, Tonal Adjust, Glow, Frame
    • Bug Fix: The AdjustShop adjustant layers were previously not added to the icon menu of the Layers panel in Photoshop Elements if ElementsXXL was not installed.
    • Bug Fix: When editing the Basic Adjust adjustment layer, the top controls are not grayed out anymore.
    • Bug Fix: When editing a Grain fill layer with a layer mask, the Color control is not grayed out anymore.
    • Bug Fix: An activated Invert check box setting was not restored when opening the Fill Flash dialog again.
  • Curves:
    • The Channel Overlay checkbox now draws all used curves and not only the RGB curves. The non-RGB curves are displayed dotted.
    • The Equalize and Adjust dialogs now also have a Preview check box.
    • The Curves dialog is a bit less wide and the Clipping Mask check box was moved to the left.
    • Bug Fix: Previously a crash occurred when using a color picker on the Curves dialog if a layer mask existed.
    • Bug Fix: The Input and Output text boxes of the Curves dialog were previously not updated after switching channels.
    • Bug Fix: The histograms of non-RGB channels were sometimes not displayed in the Curves dialog.
  • Match Color:
    • Match Color now works with a single document.
    • Bug Fix: Previously a crash occurred when applying the Match Color dialog to a layer with a layer mask.
    • Bug Fix: The Desaturate check box works with Local Range mode now.
  • Others:
    • On the Replace Background dialog the Auto-Select button now automatically selects an object in the image in Photoshop Elements 2020. If that does not work out, you can still draw a selection as in previous versions.
  • UI Improvements:
    • In Photoshop Elements filters and fill layers display a small window when rendering the effect.
    • In Photoshop Elements without UI Scaling the document window does not flash anymore when using various filters and fill layers.
    • The separation lines of combo boxes are not selectable anymore.
    • AdjustShop's own Color Range dialog, which is used in Photoshop Elements 11/12, offers better looking eyedropper icons.
    • The color dialog type that is chosen in the Preferences of Photoshop (Elements) is now displayed.


Version 1.0 for Windows (June 2019)

  • First Release


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