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CameraXXL adds up to 150 new features and 330 presets to Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop Elements. It does that by adding dozens of new controls on 7 new tab sheets as well as a new tool to the Camera Raw dialog. CameraXXL offers a new curves feature, hue, saturation, luminance and grayscale adjustment features, automatic and manual lens correction options, dehaze, grain, vignette and split toning effects as well as a targeted adjustment tool. It also provides camera calibration options as well as a preset feature. CameraXXL can be used in Photoshop Elements 11 and higher.

Feature Overview

The Curves tab sheet of CameraXXL offers a tone curve that can be adjusted with four sliders. There are also RGB, R, G and B curves that can be manually edited with control points. The new HSL/Grayscale tab sheet contains sliders for adjusting the hue, saturation and luminance of eight color areas from red to magenta. Alternatively you can also decide to create a black & white effect and adjust the luminance of previously colored areas with eight sliders. The Targeted Adjustment tool of CameraXXL allows clicking and dragging on the image preview to automatically adjust the controls on the Curves and HSL/Grayscale tab sheet.

The Split Toning feature creates a split or duo tone effect by applying a color effect to the shadows and highlight areas. The Lens Correction tab sheet removes lens distortion, chromatic aberrations and vignetting either automatically with a lens profile or manually with various controls as well as offers perspective correction tools. The Effects tab sheet provides skin smoothing, texture enhancement, dehaze, grain and artistic vignette effects. CameraXXL also adds seven new sliders to the Camera Calibration tab sheet for adjusting the hue and saturation of color channels. Finally there is a Presets tab sheets for saving and applying general preset settings.

Additionally, CameraXXL providedes a Save button for saving images directly from the Camera Raw dialog as JPEG, TIFF, PSD or PNG. The Save Options dialog offers 25 options for defining how the selected images are saved. There are options for save location, file naming, format, color space, color depth, resizing and sharpening.

Extending Camera Raw

CameraXXL seamlessly integrates into the Camera Raw UI by adding new tab sheet or icons as well as controls and a new tool. The new tab sheets, diagrams, sliders, combo boxes, check boxes and icons use the same visual look as the rest of Camera Raw dialog, so it appears as if they are part of Camera Raw. However, the tool icon and tab sheet icons are blue instead of black to indicate that they are a part of CameraXXL.

CameraXXL also interact with some other controls on the Camera Raw dialog. The Reset button resets the CameraXXL settings as well and the Help button ask you to display the CameraXXL manual or the Camera Raw help pages. Additionally the menu items of the Camera Raw panel menu trigger the same functionality for CameraXXL too.

The CameraXXL installation also installs Adobe Camera Raw 12.x into Photoshop Elements 2019 and higher, Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 into Photoshop Elements 14-2018, Camera Raw 9.2 into Photoshop Elements 12/13 and Camera Raw 8.2 into Photoshop Elements 11. So CameraXXL provides newer versions of Adobe Camera Raw than the standard Adobe Update feature of Photoshop Elements, which only offers older versions of Camera Raw.

What Makes CameraXXL Special

CameraXXL fully integrates into the user interface of Camera Raw under Photoshop Elements and provides most of the features that are available in Camera Raw under Photoshop. CameraXXL also allows applying Adobe Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop Elements and creating smart objects that can be edited with Adobe Camera Raw. CameraXXL's Save feature let you conveniently save your edited images directly from Camera Raw without having to open them in Photoshop Elements first. Finally, CameraXXL enables users of Photoshop Elements to use a newer version of Camera Raw than is provided by the Photoshop Elements update mechanism.


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