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Where do I find Edge & Frame Galaxy in Photoshop (Elements)?

You can run the Edge & Frame Galaxy plugin from the following menu items in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Edit > Preferences > Edge & Frame Galaxy
Layer > New Fill Layer > Edge & Frame Galaxy
Filter > Edge & Frame Galaxy

Can I use Edge & Frame Galaxy with Paint Shop Pro or Affinity Photo?

A plugin is only provided for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. You could use the files of Edge & Frame Galaxy in other applications by manually opening one, copying it as a layer to an image file, setting the blending mode to Multiply and scaling the new layer to match the image. But it means much more manual work.

I have a non-English version of Photoshop (Elements). Can I use Edge & Frame Galaxy with it?

Yes, definitely. 99% of the features of the Edge & Frame Galaxy plugin are automatically translated to the language of Photoshop (Elements). For example, if you use a Spanish version of Photoshop (Elements), almost all menu items and dialogs of Edge & Frame Galaxy are in Spanish. Only a few messages or items are only available in English and German.


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