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ElementsXXL Plug-in For Photoshop Elements Adds Tons of Features ... Wouldn’t it be cool if you could unlock, say, 130 of those features with one add-on product that costs less than fifty bucks? Then here’s good news: you can. ... How does it perform? On my MacBook Air running Adobe Photoshop 14 in 8GB of RAM, I got fabulous results. I often recommend Elements to friends and students who want Photoshop features but can’t justify the cost. From now on I’ll recommend Elements plus Elements XXL. It ... provides so many new tools, Actions and features for newbies to play with. And at $49 plus the cost of Elements (currently under $90) you’re out the door for under a buck-and-a-half.


ElementsXXL: The Turbo for Photoshop Elements

The performance on our iMac (mid 2010) is not objectionable, we did not notice a difference to the normal work speed of Photoshop Element 14. ... ElementsXXL brings an impressive amount of additional helpful functions to the well established image editing program Photoshop Elements. Those who like to work with it and do not need the cosiderably more expensive flagship of Adobe, receive ... an image editing facility... with smart objects, proof functionality and other top-class features, a potent tool for enhancing and effectively shaping ditigal photos.

Pimp Your Elements! ... elaborate masking is possible in the Quick Mask Mode for 16-bit photos too.

ElementsXXL: Make (almost) Photoshop out of PS Elements



ElementsXXL adds so many new features to Photoshop Elements that it pretty much transforms it into a whole different product.  This makes it a great addition to your digital library, especially if you prefer regular Photoshop over Elements, and plan on working with something that feels more familiar. ... several of the Photoshop Elements UI will be modified to look like their Photoshop counterparts, at least from a visual point of view. You thus manage to close the gaps that separate Photoshop Elements and Photoshop, while greatly improving the image editing possibilities in it. ... the number of features it adds is amazing.

The sheer quantity of additions isn't the only impressive thing: the manner in which the additions are integrated is also pretty cool. ElementsXXL is designed to operate as if it were part of Elements, rather than a separate plugin...

All things considered, it looks to be a pretty impressive achievement, and one that will give Elements users a lot of scope to grow ...

Version 2 of ElementsXXL adds a rather startling amount of new functionality, especially in the area of 16-bit imagery. ...

Was Adobe correct in thinking that those who want to "create lasting keepsakes, and delight friends and family" don't require such functionality? Perhaps. But for those with more demanding image editing requirements, Photoshop Elements and ElementsXXL might well provide a winning combination.

I installed ElementsXXL and wow! – it really adds much needed functionality to Photoshop Elements. I love the seamless integration into the program. Great idea to have to new features able to be colored to see what they add.

I’ve never been a fan of Photoshop Elements. Too many of the Photoshop features were missing. But now with XXL it’s much, much closer. ... I edited about 15 photos that I took... ElementsXXL adjustments worked better than the native Photoshop Elements features.

I read through the manual and was impressed by the depth of it and the good explanations of what each item does. So, my limited experience with ElementsXXL has been very positive indeed!


There's a massive feature differential between the commonly and cheaply available Adobe Photoshop Elements, and its big (and much more expensive) industry standard sibling, Adobe Photoshop. But one plugin for Elements is aiming to bridge some of that divide, and bring many of the same tools that you might see in the full version of Photoshop, but at a much, much lower price ...

It's not a full replacement for Photoshop, but it could potentially provide a very good middle ground. ElementsXXL could allow a more affordable path for someone who wants more editing power than Elements can provide, but isn't up or forking out for the full thing.

ElementsXXL is a ... plug-in that brings a massive list of features previously reserved for the full-featured Photoshop to [Photoshop] Elements...

Given the extent of the upgrade, and the plug-in’s seamless integration, ... [its price] is a pittance. ... the number of things ElementsXXL can do far outstrips the number it can’t.

ElementsXXL is remarkable for two reasons: it is integrated into the [Photoshop Elements] program (no necessity to execute it separately) and offers a powerful set of new functions.

Is it worth buying this plugin? Probably yes ... for most people Photoshop Elements equipped with the ElementsXXL extension is absolutely sufficient.,

As the plugin integrates into the menus of Photoshop Elements, it is ideal for beginners, but also advanced photographers.


... [ElementsXXL] is certainly a good compromise for those, who seek fundamental image editing functions, but do not want to spend too much on a professional solution with many features, which they you will probably never use.

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Super Plug-in for Elements

The news ... are not less than impressive. ... There are more than 120 new features, and probably equally important, they are literally integrated into the user interface of the Adobe program, which eases the workflow even more.

We guarantee an increased performance, which makes your ... investment in Photoshop Elements even more worthwhile. In this sense this new plugin is a must-have.

ElementsXXL is a lightweight plugin for Photoshop Elements that adds 130 features, perfectly integrated into the interface as menus and dialogs.

The plugin improves your workflow by adding new actions and scripts as well as layer features and smart filtering. ElementsXXL comes with 17 key shortcuts that are guaranteed to help you through the entire editing process.


ElementsXXL is a real gain for image editing, especially as the developer integrated the functions in menus and panels ... Much room for experiments is provided by the Fade filter ...

c't Magazin 10/2013

The plugin, Elements XXL, ... essentially allows you to take Adobe Photoshop Elements and bring over many incredible features that make the full version of Adobe Photoshop great.

The sheer numer of additions is not the only impressive thing. Greatly solved is the integration into the user interface.

Elements XXL - A Powerful Photoshop Elements Plugin

Should You Get it? You Betcha!
Harald Heim has been well known for years in the plugin arena, but this time he has outdone himself. This is a high quality plugin, with features those who have used Photoshop have often wished Elements had. Now it can have them and they definitely make it better! This is one of the first plugins that has made me go WOW! I think you will too.

Photoshop Elements, the consumer version of Photoshop, has limited capabilities. But the ElementsXXL plugin adds quite a few Photoshop functions. So you (almost) get Photoshop for the price of Photoshop Elements. ...

It is impossible to discuss all 120 extensions here, so we limit ourselves to the enhancements that alone already justify the price (€ 50) of the whole package. Topping the list: ... smart filters ... Number two: ... Curves adjustment layer ... Three: Auto Align and blending layers. Four: seven new adjustment layers ... Five: Selection transform to manipulate selections. Six: Color proof ... Seven: Working with color channels. And finally, support for 16 bits per color, scripts and actions.

The current version 2 brings 100 more options to the surface than its predecessor, including the ability to edit 16-bit images with adjustment layers. ... In order to bypass the 16-bit blockade of Photoshop Elements, ElementXXL creates a 8-bit version of the image with the 16-bit original embedded. ... Color Range tool and Mixer Brush extend the creative latitude ... The Shadows/Highlights compensation now houses the same options as Photoshop CC. ... ElementsXXL enriches Photoshop Elements with non-destructive editing of 16-bit images ...

c't Magazin 6/2014

ElementsXXL 2 integrates completely into the Photoshop Elements user interface. ... Integration is so complete that if the additions were not highlighted in blue, you would have difficulty knowing they are there. ... For me, Photoshop Elements 12 lacks the full complement of adjustment layers, especially Curves, and it lacks support for 16-bit images. These needs are answered with the addition of ElementsXXL 2 to Photoshop Elements 12. ... ElementsXXL 2 plug-in for Photoshop Elements may be an economical alternative to your current imaging software.

Rangefinder Online

... Elements is no Photoshop, not by a long shot. However, all is not lost, thanks to third-party developers that have tapped the latent abilities of Elements to bring it closer to its more potent sibling. The best of these is ElementsXXL, which adds dramatically to the capabilities of Elements. Worth checking out before you decide to go with either the Photoshop Plan or a perpetual license to Elements.

This is a great collection of tools that brings some much needed features to Elements. ... Installation (via a GUI) could not be easier and for the price is great value.

Secret Diary of a Geek

ElementsXXL unlocks a multitude of useful functions. The combination of Photoshop Elements and ElementsXXL is quite attractive pricewise. .. you get a decent product package for a bargain price.

c't Fotografie 2/2015

For less than five months [of Creative Cloud] rental you own a product [, Photoshop Elements and ElementsXXL,] which should do most of what you need in image processing. ... there’s not much that I’d want to do that Adobe Photoshop Elements with ElementsXXL can’t achieve. ... As good as Photoshop – nearly. Flexible - certainly!

The Graphics Tablet

My Conclusion: The [ElementsXXL 3] update is absoluetly worth its money in contrast to the weak upgrade of Photoshop Elements [14]. All new functions of EementsXXL 3.1 also work with PSE 13.x.

The plugin ElementsXXL of Harald Heim allows activating many functions of the big Photoshop, which are deactivated in Photoshop Elements.

The plug-in that I recommend most highly for this purpose [creating selections based on channels] is ElementsXXL. ... also provide access to a great many other "hidden" features in Photoshop Elements, filling the gap between Elements and the "full" version of Photoshop.

Tim Grey

ElementsXXL ... promises over 800 extended or new tools and functions, from filters and adjustment layers to more intelligent selection tools and smart objects. ... This investment is definitely worthwhile for all users who have reached their creative limits with the Elements Editor but are reluctant to switch to Photoshop CC.


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