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New in ElementsXXL 10


NEW: Support for Photoshop



NEW: ActionsXXL panel for recording, editing and playing back actions.



NEW: Batch dialog for processing multiple files with many options



NEW: FilterHub panel for quickly launching filters with many options



NEW: Edit Layers feature for editing various properties of multiple layers at the same time




New in ElementsXXL 9


NEW: Two new icon bars at the top. 10 icon bar presets. 110+ icons.



NEW: The Curves dialog now offers 6 sliders on the main dialog, new Colorize button and allows moving multiple control point with the Alt key



NEW: The Hue/Saturation Pro with an enhanced effect and more sophisticated controls



NEW: Skin Enhance filter that automaticall lets you enhance skin in portrait without automatic masking



NEW: New Add Haze, Texture Enhance and Texture Smooth filters



NEW: New Key Shortcuts dialog for defining your own key shortcuts



NEW: Color Balance offers three buttons for removing color casts and a new Green Box mode



NEW: Auto Corrections panel with 20 automatic correction options



NEW: The Shadows/Highlights filter now offers a presets feature and a smaller dialog.



NEW: The Channel Mixer dialog reacts faster



NEW: The Highpass Sharpen, HDR Toning, Fill Flash and Antialias filters offers a new presets feature


NEW: Dark, Gray and White UI Color options for all ElementsXXL dialogs.




New in ElementsXXL 8


NEW: The improved Preview Image feature enables up to 400% faster rendering of 20 filters.



NEW: The Noise Reduction dialog removes luminance and color noise with the help of 3 sliders



NEW: The Skin Smoother filter makes skin look smooth and at the same time emphasizes skin details. It offers three smoothing methods and 10 presets for all types of ski



NEW: Blur Gallery for creating and combining sophisticated blur effects. They are set as blur spots directly on the image. Unlike the same feature in Photoshop you also get a preset feature and are able to edit the effect again after clicking OK.



NEW: The Multi-Frequency Sharpen filter sharpens small, medium and large details at the same time. No need for any radius values.



NEW: The Background Blur filter only blurs the background area of a portrait photo.
It requires Photoshop Elements 2020 (or higher) for automatic background masking.



Photo Credits: Javarman / Dreamstime

NEW: The Lighting Effects filter lets you add unlimited lights to an image. Unlike Photoshop Lighting Effects it offers various additional features like focusing lights, darkening lights and many light pasting options. New is a Volumetric light type.



NEW: The Color Lookup filter and adjustment layers offer 55 new presets for sophisticated color effects.



NEW: The Fill Flash filter is a great way to enhance the lighting of an image and also produce a backlight effect. It now works with 16-bit/channel images.



NEW: The Perspective Crop, Perspective Warp and the Warp features of ElementsXXL with Content-Aware and Color Adaptation options. They work much faster now by using a preview image.



NEW: Most ElementsXXL adjustment layer can be edited directly on the Adjustments panel, which is displayed all of the time. The Channel Mixer can now also be edited here and Curves now offers its four tools on the Adjustments panel. Two new icons, including an icon menu, are also added.



NEW: ElementsXXL allows you to apply the Clarity effect known from Camera Raw within Photoshop Elements. You can additionally adjust the effect in the shadows and highlights, which is not possible in Camera Raw. It renders the preview faster now.



NEW: The Chromatic Aberration Removal filter removes color fringes causes by lenses.
There is a new 100% zoom button and the image can now be scolled
with the scroll bars or hand tool to see the effect in the corners.




New in ElementsXXL 7



The Range Adjust filter and adjustment layer uses sophisticated masking to adjust only a certain part of an image in brightness, contrast, saturation and color.



The new Content-Aware Fill dialog lets you achieve much better results when removing objects in an image, because you can define a sampling area with the brush tool.



The new Pen Tool Pro feature offers seven new tools for creating and editing paths, shapes and vector masks.



The Fade Pro
features let you edit a previously applied effect with the help of 36 new blend modes and many new masking features. You can also increase the effect intensity by 200%. The Blend Pro feature lets you do the same, but for blending two layers.



The Split Layer > Frequency feature offers 9 new methods for creating low and high frequency layers, e.g. for portrait retouching.



ElementsXXL adds all adjustment layers as icons to the Adjustments panel including those from AdjustShop. You can shift click them to run the filter version of these adjustment layers.



The Match Color filter grabs the colors from another image or layer and applies them to current one. It replicates the color mood of special photos as well as apply color to selected areas only. It can now be applied to a single images in ElementsXXL 7.




Other Features

This image shows which features are added to the Layers panel in Photoshop Elements 8 and higher.




ElementsXXL adds 9 new sub menus and dozens of menu items to the Layer Menu. The added items have a blue background in this screen shot.



Photo Credits: Opolja, Chunhahca / Dreamstime

The Replace Background dialog is similar to the Photoshop Element guide with the same name, but offers many more features including masking out fine hair.



ElementsXXL offers a new Image Size dialog that works like the one in Photoshop CC. It offers two new resampling methods and a preset feature.



The Render features allow you to process images with 16-bit/channel with the help of smart objects (with embedded 16-bit image data), smart filters, adjustment layers, other types of layers and 29 additional tools. All layers are rendered to a flat 16-bit image at the end.



ElementsXXL makes Scripts, Actions and Render drop-down buttons available in Photoshop Elements 8 and higher for quickly accessing scripts, actions and the Render commands.



The brush panel offers 80 new brush properties for adjusting the brush of 22 different tools.



Crop presets as well as Content-Aware, Color Adaptation and Delete Cropped Pixels options for the Crop tool in Photoshop Elements 13 and higher.



The Auto Lens Correction features of ElementsXXL lets you automatically apply a lens correction as well as choose a lens profile if the lens could not be detected.



NEW: The dialog of the new Black & White filter and adjustment layer with new preset and Auto features.



The Color Range dialog creates selections based on colors and tones. In this case the blue color was selected by clicking on the image.



The Focus Area dialog creates selections based on out-of-focus areas in the image.



ElementsXXL's Channels and Properties panels let you work with channels and the non-destructive properties of filter, layer and vector masks.



The Micro Contrast filter brings out the texture in image details.



The new Auto-Align Layers and Auto-Blend Layers features for recomposing portrait photos, stitching panoramas and increasing the depth of field of macro shots.



Add up to 112 native and 300 third-party smart filters to your image and edit them with the Smart Filter panel.


The Convert to Shape menu item lets you scale, rotate and reposition
each text character by converting a text layer into a more flexible shape.


The Stroke Path command of the Path panel can use one of
19 tools for drawing a contour on a path while simulating pressure.



The new Soft Proof feature for simulating the look of a certain device or printer



The Convert To Profile dialog for converting between different color profiles.


The HistogramsXXL / Scopes panel offers 16 histogram in 7 different styles and 23 scopes (3D histograms) in 2 styles. As the panel window is resizable you can watch your histograms full screen with all details.




The Split Layer sub menu splits a layer into two or three layers according to a color model or frequency thus enabling sophisticated image editing techniques.



The Color Lokup filter and adjustment layer offers 48 color effects. The Save Color Lookup Table dialog allows you to save the effect of filters and adjustment layers as a lookup file, which can be opened in the Color Lokup filter and adjustment layer.



The New Guide Layout dialog allows creating multiple guides with the help of column, row and margin values.


The Anti-Alias filter adds an anti-alias effect if only black & white pixels, but produces a water color effect for color images.


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