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Version History


Windows Version 2.01 (July 2021)

  • Bug Fix: Typing in the Search box works correctly now
  • Bug Fix: nik Analog Efex is now correctly applied to the image
  • Bug Fix: FilterHub can now run the "Convert to Black & White" filter in Photoshop Elements 13 and higher
  • Bug Fix: The follwing filters can be run again: Auto Dehaze, Dehaze, HDR Toning, Field Blur, Iris Blur, Tilt Shift, Path Blur, Spin Blur, Shake Reduction, Flame, Picture Frame
  • Bug Fix: The installation and uninstallation programs now checks if Photoshop Elements 2021 is running and asks you to close it. This makes sure that the (un)installation works.


Windows Version 2.0 (July 2021)

  • New user interface
    • Automatically uses the UI color of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
  • Flash Player Dependency Removed
    • Does not require Flash Player anymore, which stopped working in 2021.
    • The old FilterHub 1.05 extension is included in the FilterHub 2 installation. It is installed into Photoshop CS4 to CC 2013 under Windows and can be launched from the Windows > Extensions menu. As it does not require Flash Player, it still works.
  • German manual included
  • Various bug fixes



Windows Version 1.60 (October 2020)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • The filter scanning algorithm was improved to avoid that filters are overlooked.
    • It is now possible to add more than 65 items to the Favorites. Previoulsly Photoshop (Elements) crashed when adding more than ca. 65 items.

    • Support for 63 new filters:
      • Plugins:
        • 16 ElementsXXL filters
        • 21 AdjustShop filters (AdjustShop 1.05 or higher is required for 13 of them)
        • 9 LayersShop/LayersXXL dialogs (LayerShop 2.02 or higher is required for 6 of them)
        • Edge & Frame Galaxy
        • ElementsXXL's Channel Mixer is now executed if ElementsXXL 8 or higher is installed
      • In Photoshop 7 and higher:
        • Video: De-Interlace
      • In Photoshop 2013 and higher:
        • Render: Lighting Effects
        • Sharpen: Shake Reduction
      • In Photoshop CC 2014 and higher:
        • Blur Gallery: Path Blur, Spin Blur filters
        • All five Blur Gallery items are now displayed now in the Blur Gallery category.
      • In Photoshop 2015 and higher:
        • 3D: Generate Bump, Generate Normal Map
        • Render: Flame, Picture Frame, Tree
      • In Photoshop 2015.5 and higher:
        • Stylize: Oil Paint
      • In Photoshop 2021 and higher (v22):
        • Filter: Sky Replacement
      • In Photoshop Elements 2018 and higher:
        • Enhance: Open Closed Eyes
      • In Photoshop Elements 2020 and higher:
        • Enhance: Colorize Photo, Smooth Skin
    • The following unusable items are not displayed anymore in the Automate category:
      LayerShop, Edge & Frame Galaxy, Exposure X5 Auto Layer, Snap Art 4 Auto Layer, ALCE, DoubleUSM.
    • Bug Fix: The Black& White filter of ElementsXXL is not run with correct parameters.


Windows Version 1.55 (October 2019)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Support for Photoshop Elements 2020. Older versions do not work correctly in Photoshop Elements 2020.


Windows Version 1.54 (October 2018)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Support for the new UI Scaling of Photoshop CC 2019
    • Plugin Installer:
      • Works again under Windows XP
      • Support for the Microsoft Store version of Photoshop Elements 15


Windows Version 1.53 (April 2018)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Under Windows 8.1/10 in Photoshop CC 19.1 (and higher) the FilterHub window now adjusts to the dpi setting of the monitor that it appears on at startup. When it appears on second monitor with a smaller dpi value, the FilterHub window does not appear too small anymore.
    • Bug Fix: Saved settings were sometimes not correctly restored. This is fixed now.
    • Plugin Installer now supports the Microsoft Store version of Photoshop Elements 2018


Windows Version 1.52 (February 2018)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • UI scaling in Photoshop CC 2018 19.1 is now partially supported. This means that the FilterHub UI scales 200% if the system setting is 150% or higher. It does not scale 200% for a system setting of 100-149% anymore. 400% UI scaling for 8K screens is not supported yet.
  • Installation:
    • Plugin Installer:
      • If Photoshop or Photoshop Elements are running, you are now asked to quit them before the plugin is installed. This makes sure that the plugin installation works.
  • The FilterHub extension (for Win/Mac), which only works in Photoshop CS4 to CC 2013, was not updated and still has version number 1.05.


Windows Version 1.51 (November 2017)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • FilterHub displays an error message if the following Flash Player versions are installed:
      • Flash Player (under all Windows versions)
      • Flash Player (under Windows 8/10)
      • Flash Player (under Windows 8/10
      FilterHub then displays a web page for installing the latest Flash Player (under Windows XP/Vista/7) or displays the System Update window where the latest Flash Player system update can be uninstalled (under Windows 8/10). FilterHub then stops to makes sure that no crashes occurs with these buggy Flash Player versions.
    • The filter scanning algorithm was improved to avoid that filters are overlooked.
    • Bug Fix: Photoshop Elements 2018: nik Viveza 2 is now recognized and displayed in the filter list.
    • When choosing the About menu item on the FilterHub panel menu, the automation plugin's About box is displayed instead of the About dialog of the FilterHub Flash UI.
    • The 64-bit plugin file is smaller, because it was created with a newer 64-bit compiler.
  • Installation:
    • The installation does not allow selecting an installation folder anymore. You can only select the drive. This avoids double installations of plugins.
    • Only one uninstall option is added to the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel for new minor versions of the same product including trial and full versions.
    • New Uninstall item is added to Start menu which displays the Add/Remove Programs dialog
    • When you try to uninstall and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is running, you are asked to close it. This makes sure that the uninstallation works correctly.
    • Plugin Installer:
      • Bug Fix: Installing to Photoshop CS5.1 works now
      • Plugin Installer has all applications activated by default during installation.
      • Clicking on a list item activates its check box now.
      • The Add Folder button now asks if you want to install the 64-bit versions of the plugins in the new folder. Previously the 32-bit plugins were automatically installed in the new folder.
      • Photoshop Elements 2018 is not displayed as "Photoshop Elements 16" anymore.
  • The FilterHub extension (for Win/Mac), which only works in Photoshop CS4 to CC 2013, was not updated and still has version number 1.05.


Windows Version 1.50 (December 2016)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Support for multiple monitors
    • In Photoshop Elements 15 the following new filter is now supported: Adjust Facial Features
    • In Photoshop Elements 14 the following new filters are now supported: Auto Dehaze, Dehaze
    • Support for applying smart filters in Photoshop Elements (Requires ElementsXXL 4.02 or higher)
    • The ElementsXXL dialogs of the following filters are displayed: Black & White, Curves, Shadows/Highlights (Requires ElementsXXL 3.50 or higher)
    • Support for the following filters in Photoshop Elements: Color Balance, Exposure, Vibrance, Selective Color (Requires ElementsXXL 3.50 or higher)
    • Support for shut down via ElementsXXL 4.01 and higher
    • The Change Image Mode dialog was improved
    • The "* Photoshop *" category, which is only displayed in Photoshop Elements, was renamed to "* Photoshop / ElementsXXL *"
    • Bug Fix: The Black & White filter cannot be executed in Photoshop Elements 13 and higher anymore if ElementsXXL 3.50 or higher is not installed. This avoids a crash.
    • Bug Fix: The combo box in the bottom right corner now works correctly in non-English versions of Photoshop Elements 15
    • Bug Fix: The following category or filter names are localized to other languages now: Noise, Sharpen, Desaturate, Equalize, Match Color, Replace Color
    • Bug Fix: The "Batch..." automation entry which belongs to ActionsXXL and does not work, does not appear in the list anymore.
  • Plugin Installer:
    • Two new "Adobe Photoshop CC (All Versions)" items for installing plugins to a 32-bit or 64-bit plugin folder which is used by all existing and future versions of Photoshop CC. This way you do not need to install the plugin again after you installed a new version of Photoshop CC. Best uninstall the previous version of FilterHub to avoid duplicate plugins when using this new option.
    • Clicking on a list item activates its check box now
    • Plugin Installer now correctly displays "Photoshop CC 2015.5" instead of "Photoshop CC 2016".
  • The FilterHub extension (for Win/Mac), which only works in Photoshop CS4 to CC 2013, was not updated and still has version number 1.05.


Version 1.05 (April 2016)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Supports the ActionsXXL plugin for recording image editing steps of FilterHub.
    • Bug Fix: A crash problem that occured when exiting Photoshop Elements with ActionsXXL present was fixed.
    • Bug Fix: A potential crash problem on exit was fixed.
  • The FilterHub extension (for Win/Mac) was updated too, but does not contain any new features or bug fixes.


Version 1.04 (January 2016)

  • Windows Automation Plugin:
    • Support for UI Scaling in Photoshop CC 2014/2015 and Photoshop Elements 13/14
    • In Photoshop Elements the same UI font is now used as in Photoshop (tough at a larger size), because the old font was not available on all systems.
    • In Photoshop Elements 14 two unsuable filters are not displayed anymore.
    • Improved installation:
      • Three less clicks are necessary, because the language, start menu and ready pages are not displayed anymore.
      • There are no separate Start menu folders added for different versions anymore. So better uninstall previous and demo versions before installing new/full versions.
      • Please uninstall from the Control Panel as the uninstall icon is not added to the Start menu anymore.
      • Plugin Installer supports HiDPI
  • The FilterHub extension (for Win/Mac) was updated too, but only contains typo fixes.


Version 1.03 - Revision 4 (December 2014)

  • Bug Fix: Imagenomics Portraiture 2 is now applied even if the output option is not set to "Current Layer". If one of the other output options is selected, the effect is nevertheless applied to the current layer. Please choose the appropriate option of FilterHub if you want to apply it to duplicated layer.
  • Windows Automation Plugin Only:
    • Bug Fix: When processing multiple layers and no background layer was present, the wrong layers were processed.
    • Bug Fix: German language detection now works correctly in Photoshop Elements 13

Version 1.03 - Revision 3 (October 2014)

  • Plugin Installer now supports the 64-bit version of Photoshop Elements 13 for Windows.
  • The installation file and Plugin Installer are now signed to avoid potential problems with security software.
  • Bug Fix: The language detection of the automation plugin works correctly even if a multi-lingual version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is installed.
  • The installation offers 46 instead of 21 languages.


Version 1.03 - Revision 2 (July 2014)

  • Support for the 64-bit version of Photoshop CC 2014 under Windows 8. FilterHub already worked fine in the 32-bit version of Photoshop CC 2014, but crashed in the 64-bit version under Windows 8.
  • Plugin Installer (Windows) Improvements:
    • The FilterHub flash panel extension is not installed into Photoshop CC 2014 (and higher) anymore, because it is no longer supported there.
    • For better readablity under Windows 8 the Plugin Installer item on the Start screen was renamed to "Plugin Installer (FilterHub)".
    • "Photoshop CC 2014" is displayed instead of the incorrect "Photoshop CC2" name.

Version 1.03 - Revision 1 (December 2013)

  • Support for Photoshop CC under MacOS X 10.8 and 10.9


Version 1.03 (August 2013)

  • Support for Photoshop CC
  • The built-in Camera Raw Filter of Photoshop CC is supported
  • New logo that is more similar to the ElementsXXL and MetaRaw logos
  • Various smaller fixes


Version 1.02 (January 2013)

  • New "(De)activate Layer Renaming" item on panel menu
  • Bug Fix: The settings of the Target Layers combo box, Smart Object check box and botton combo box are restored at startup again
  • Bug Fix: When applying Nik plugins to a smart layer, two smart filter items were added.
  • Windows Automation Plugin Only:
    • Bug Fix: Stamped option did not work in Photoshop Elements when only one layer was present.
    • Bug Fix: Plugins that do not support smart filtering can now be applied to smart objects.
    • Bug Fix: When restarting Photoshop or Photoshop Elements the FilterHub window sometimes did not show up at the same position but was moved by a few pixels.
    • Bug Fix: The Install button of the Flash Player installation message now always runs Internet Explorer in order to make sure that the ActiveX version of the Flash Player is installed. The new 'Download Only' button allows downloading the ActiveX version of Flash Player 11, in case the Install button does not work.
    • Plugin file size is 33% smaller.


Version 1.01 (December 2012)

  • Windows Only:
    • Support for Photoshop 7-CS3 and Photoshop Elements 2-11 with the help of an automation plugin, which works almost identical to the extension, but cannot be docked with other panels.
    • FilterHub makes up to six new filters available in Photoshop Elements (e.g. Curves, Channel Mixer and Black & White) that are not available otherwise.
    • Full Installer that installs the FilterHub extension in Photoshop CS4-CS6 and the FilterHub automation plugin in all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
  • Filters start up faster (up to 1/3 second) when double clicking them (compared to the previous version).
  • Font size options added to panel menu
  • Drag & Drop Support: You can now move items in the Favorites lists in Favorites and Edit view by drag & drop. It is also possible to drag & drop items from All to Favorites list in Edit view.
  • Items are now inserted after the last selected item in the Favorites list of Edit view. Only if no item is selected, they are added at the end of the list.
  • If a fill layer is selected, FilterHub now asks if you want to apply the filter to the layer mask, in case the filter supports it.
  • The All list in Edit view is 10 pixels wider to compensate for the arrow and scroll bar.
  • Bug Fix: Plugin scanning problem resolved, which caused scan failure, e.g. for the ContrastMaster 1.0 Mac plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Conversion from Bitmap image mode works now.
  • Bug Fix: When removing two items from the Favorites list that were located apart, all items between them were removed.
  • Bug Fix: When editing the Favorites list, it is does not scroll to the top and hide the changed items anymore.
  • Bug Fix: The number of filters are displayed correctly in Favorites view now, because separation lines are not counted as filters anymore.
  • Bug Fix: The "Sharpen Edges" filter was not translated in localized versions of Photoshop.

Version 1.0 (October 2012)

  • First Release



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