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HTML Shrinker


HTML Shrinker Pro for Windows reduces the size of your web pages to make your web and wap sites load faster, need less web space and bandwidth and consequentially decreases your web hosting fees.

Shrink your web and wap pages
  • Reduces the size of your web and wap pages up to 50% without changing their layout
  • Shrinks various web file types e.g. HTML, WML, WMLS, SHTML, JHTML, XML, CFML, JS, CSS, ASP, PL, PHP and TCL Files
  • Shrinks plain html code, but also JavaScript, Perl, Php and VBscript code
  • Strips unnecessary stuff from html files created by MS Office
  • Respects comments from different html editors e.g. Dreamweaver, Pagemil, SourceSafe and leaves SSI commands untouched
  • Define your own shrinking rules and extend the functionality of HTML Shrinker yourself

Various shrinking possibilities
  • Select single files for shrinking or shrink a whole web site with one mouse click
  • Shrink to a destination folder and keep the original files untouched
  • Shrink files or folders directly from the Windows Explorer using the context menu
  • Shrink files or folders by dragging and droping them from the Windows Explorer
  • Shrink files by using a script that controls HTML Shrinker or by using the DOS box
  • Shrink html or script code on the clipboard
  • Simulate the shrinking of files
  • Analyze what elements will be removed
Backup & Restore
  • The orignal files are automatically backuped by HTML Shrinker
  • You can backup the original files to the same folder or select a different folder
  • Restore option to bring back the original files
  • Option to remove backups if they aren't needed anymore

Clean up HTML documents
  • Clean up your html documents to make them slim for archiving or transfering them to your pocket computer
  • Remove all images, scripts, styles, NB spaces, font tags, meta tags, links etc. to make the files even smaller if the layout of the pages isn't important
  • Define your own rules for cleaning the files the way you need it

Other Features
  • Sites menu for quickly accessing root folders of different web sites on your hard drive
  • Command to display the html source code and display and check the web pages in your browser
  • Options dialog to deactivate or activate different shrinking options
  • Presets feature for using only those shrinking options that are HTML4-compliant, Frontpage-compatible and compatible with old browsers or text-based editors.

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